What The World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – March 11, 1995

Jim Ross and Les Thatcher are handling commentary and are wrapping up the television tapings in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Opening Contest: The Dynamic Duo (2-2) defeats George South & Anthony Michaels when Snow pins Michaels after the Simply Sensational Dive at 2:23:

Like a few weeks ago, Al Snow lets Unabom destroy the jobbers so he can chat with the commentators. Unabom tears through Michaels and after he gives his opponent a unabomb, Snow comes down and does his finisher to end the bout. After the match, Unabom holds South in place so Snow can do a missile dropkick.

Call 1-900-73-SMOKY to participate in a fan poll about whether Unabom can be defeated!

SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express say that they hope they get rid of Unabom first in the tag team elimination match at March Madness so they can face Al Snow two-on-one. They frame the encounter as a test for whether the Dynamic Duo have what it takes to be champions.

Highlights of the Boo Bradley-Chris Candido loser leaves town, dog collar match from Sunday Bloody Sunday II are shown along with highlights of Bradley losing the Beat the Champ Television Championship on last week’s broadcast to Billy Black.

Bradley cuts a simpleton promo about how his kind nature cost him against Black. He urges fans to eat their peas.

Beat the Champ Television Championship Match: Billy Black (Champion) (2-0) defeats Brian Logan (0-3) after a flying elbow drop at 3:00:

The crowd is thinning out since this is near the end of the taping cycle. Several fans use this match to head for the exits and the rest of the crowd barely reacts to what they see. Black methodically beats down Logan, whose attempts at offense appear rushed and sloppy. The flying elbow puts Black over in his last SMW appearance. Rating: *

Ross interviews Black, who says he is a man of many secrets and he will never reveal where he learned martial arts or what was in his sack. Fans would never find out what was in the sack, just like moviegoers never found out what was in the case in the Robert DeNiro film Ronin.

Chip Kessler hosts an interview where Jim Cornette talks with Bob Armstrong. Cornette says he has few friends in the locker room due to his babyface turn. After highlights of the Heavenly Bodies and Cornette-Gangstas & D’Lo Brown match at Sunday Bloody Sunday II and the end of last week’s match between the New Wild-Eyed Southern Boys and the Gangstas are shown, Cornette says that he can no longer rely on the Bodies because of their WWF contracts. He asks Armstrong if he can manage him along with Tracy Smothers when they face the Gangstas. Armstrong is reluctant to accept the help, so Cornette offers a mystery wrestler to help Armstrong and Smothers defeat the Gangstas and Brown. Armstrong agrees if Cornette can get them help but he wants to see who the man is first. Cornette tells Kessler that he will introduce the wrestler next week.

Bobby Blayze’s SMW title victories over Jerry Lawler and Buddy Landel from Sunday Bloody II are shown.

Chip Kessler interviews Blayze and the Dirty White Boy in the locker room at Sunday Bloody Sunday II. Blayze and the White Boy have bandages around their head. Blayze says winning the title is the greatest day of his life. The White Boy says he did not help Blayze become the champion, he just kept Buddy Landel from cheating.

Landel delivers a rebuttal promo saying that there is a company-wide conspiracy that is keeping him from the SMW title. He offers to put up his Mercedes or whatever it takes to get a rematch for the title.

Ross interviews the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown. New Jack is not concerned about who Jim Cornette might find to partner with Bob Armstrong and Tracy Smothers for the Bluegrass Brawl. Jack says if Cornette wants to bring more people into the promotion to face them, he will find more people that look like him “and turn this place into a Tarzan movie.”

Tune in next week to see the reveal of Jim Cornette’s mystery man!

The Last Word: As noted in last week’s backstage news, Billy Black left the promotion in early March so he will not be making any more appearances. He made little impact on the company but since he won the television title at the Lenoir tapings, SMW will have to find a way to explain his absence and transition the title to someone else. The only value of this show was playing up the reveal for next week’s broadcast. And the limited talent pool is starting to make these shows repetitive.

In addition to doing a new television taping, Smoky Mountain held some house shows in Kentucky and Tennessee. All of those cards carried the same four matches and results, so here is one example of what was featured courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Morristown, Tennessee – East High School – March 11, 1995 (450): Boo Bradley pinned D’Lo Brown…The Dirty White Boy beat Buddy Landel in a first blood match…The Gangstas wrestled Tracy Smothers & Boo Bradley to a no contest…SMW Tag Team Champions the Rock N’ Roll Express defeated the Dynamic Duo via disqualification.

Backstage News*: Boo Bradley teamed with Tracy Smothers on house shows this week due to Bob Armstrong’s absence from the promotion. Armstrong also missed the March 6 television tapings with car trouble.

*There are some whispers that the promotion is not doing well enough to survive, especially after the poor gate at Sunday Bloody Sunday II. Morale is low and the company needs to improve its roster.

*Backstage news is courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for March 20.

Up Next: Smoky Mountain TV for March 18!

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