DC Comics Universe & Action Comics #1023 Spoilers & Review: Superman & 2 Superboys Become Brainiac To Take On Invisible Mafia & Red Cloud?


DC Comics Universe and Action Comics #1023 Spoilers and Review follows.

Superman and 2 Superboys Become Brainiac…

…To Take On Invisible Mafia and Red Cloud?

The book opens with Kelex providing readers a summary of what’s transpired in this arc so far, with Superman and Superboy’s shields inverted incorrectly in the image, including…

…the revelation that Lois and Lane and Jimmy Olsen have confronted the Red Cloud.

Due to a whisper from Lois Lane, Superman and both Superboys come to their aid.

A battle ensues…

…as the Superman Family gets the upperhand…

…all the while Jimmy Olsen believing the Red Cloud is new Daily Planet reporter Robison Goode while still not believing Clark Kent is Superman.

The book begins to end with the Superman Family taking the battle to the Invisible Mafia, and its leader Marisol Leone, by…

…shrinking one of her establishments after shooing the inhabitants away.

The last page of the issue having the FBI raid the Daily Planet which was recently purchased by Marisol Leone; an expose by the paper revealed that she is head of the Invisible Mafia.

The Pulse:

Art was so-so, but very cool seeing Superman and the two Superboys together. Entertaining issue. 6 out of 10.

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