DC Comics Universe & The Flash #758 Spoilers & Review: Reverse-Flash’s Legion Of Zoom Hunt, Justice Society Of America (JSA) Dead Rise & Flash Falls?!

DC Comics Universe and The Flash #758 Spoilers and Review follows.

Reverse-Flash’s Legion Of Zoom Hunt…

…Justice Society Of America (JSA) Dead Rise and Flash Falls?!

The Legion of Zoom has swallowed up most of Flash’s Rogues Gallery with Reverse Flash’s secret weapons being…

…the Tornado Twins!

Flash’s adult children from the future!

Together they defeat the Flash…

…allowing the Reverse Flash to…

…to take over Barry Allen’s body!

Looks like that pushed Barry’s essence elsewhere where…

…an Max Mercury and Jessie Quick, of the All Star Squadron and Justice Society of America respectively, attack him as zombies?!

Some fun facts. 🙂 Max Mercury was originally called Quicksilver.

He then became Max Mercury presumably because Marvel owns copyright to the Quicksilver name.

Jesse Belle Chambers is the speedster Jesse Quick and the daughter of JSAer’s Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick.

She has also been the second Liberty Belle in the past as well.

The Pulse:

A fast-paced issue with very cool Reverse Flash and Tornado Twins moments. Still would have liked a different make-up to the Legion of Zoom, but the current form still makes sense. Story was solid and art was so-so. Entertaining issue nonetheless. 6.5 out of 10.

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