What The World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – March 14, 1995

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The Public Enemy are shown acquiring the contract needed for a three-way dance against ECW Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko and Sabu & Taz (ECW keeps vacillating).

Paul E. Dangerously joins Joey Styles, angry that Malenko has been messing with Taz’s life for the last six months. Dangerously argues that Taz can outshoot Malenko and the new tag team champions are refusing to grant a rematch to his team. The Enemy interrupt, with 911 protecting Dangerously. Dangerously excitedly signs the contract for a three-way dance.

After a commercial break, the Enemy steal Styles’ wallet and complain about not being able to find Benoit and Malenko. Styles tells fans that 2 Cold Scorpio is back in ECW, looking for Malenko.

Highlights of Scorpio defeating Hector Guerrero at the February 25 ECW Arena show air. Scorpio prevailed with a Scorpio Splash (a 450 splash) to Guerrero’s back.

Johnny Grunge, having stolen Paul E. Dangerously’s cell phone, calls a phone sex hotline as Styles urges the camera to go to break.

Call 1-900-894-4ECW to hear ECW Champion Shane Douglas address the rumors that he is leaving the company!

Ian Rotten says that Axl Rotten was a bastard child that his mother never wanted and there is nothing but bad blood between them now.

After showing some footage of the barbed wire baseball bat match at the ECW Arena on February 25, Axl does a rebuttal to his brother, hyping the greatness of hardcore wrestling. He vows to get justice on his brother using extreme methods.

A replay of Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko beating up the Public Enemy at the last ECW Arena card is shown, along with their tag team title win over Sabu & Taz and all the post-match antics that went with it.

The Public Enemy find Jason in the locker room. Jason controls the contracts of Benoit and Malenko and refuses to sign the three-way dance contract. The Pitbulls come to Jason’s aid.

Jason, with the Pitbulls, tells the Enemy that they have no idea what they are dealing with. Pitbull #1 says that the ECW Arena is their house. Jason says that he will sign the contract for the three-way dance if the Enemy can defeat the Pitbulls at the ECW Arena this Saturday. Pitbull #1 tells the Enemy that will not happen, but Jason gets nervous when Pitbull #1 says their next target will be Benoit and Malenko.

ECW Champion Shane Douglas and Cactus Jack cut a promo, with Douglas taking credit for burying the NWA when he tossed their world title on the canvas in 1994 and Terry Funk did not have the guts to stop him. Jack says that Funk also failed to show up when he needed him as a tag team partner last year, forcing him to make Mikey Whipwreck his partner.

Woman calls Shane Douglas a wannabe and that he buried himself when he turned against her, the Sandman, and Terry Funk. Sandman and Funk argue that Jack cannot trust Douglas, with Funk closing by saying that he is better than Jack and he will whip him like a dog in the ECW Arena.

The Last Word: There were some strong promos on today’s show to set up the next ECW Arena card for March 18 and ECW has done a great job building the main event tag team match on television. Based on the match Sabu and Taz had with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko on February 25, the three-way dance promises to be exciting as ECW easily had the best tag team division relative to the other major promotions in North America during this period.

ECW did a house show in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania prior to the ECW Arena card on March 18. That card did not get a home video release, so its results are included below.

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania – The Flagstaff – March 17, 1995 (374): Raven defeated Hack Myers…911 beat Tony Steson & Johnny Hotbody in a handicap match…Television Champion Dean Malenko defeated Taz…Cactus Jack beat the Sandman in a falls count anywhere match…The Public Enemy beat Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio…ECW Champion Shane Douglas beat Tommy Dreamer.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – ECW Arena – March 18, 1995 (1,100): Mikey Whipwreck beat Jason…Ron Simmons pinned Hack Myers. After the match, Simmons challenged 911 and was planted with two chokeslams…In a gauntlet match, Tommy Dreamer pinned Tony Stetson, Dreamer pinned Johnny Hotbody, Dreamer pinned Steve Richards, and Raven pinned Dreamer…2 Cold Scorpio beat Television Champion Dean Malenko (w/Jason) to win the title. After the match, Malenko confronted Jason…Axl Rotten beat Ian Rotten in a strap match…The Public Enemy defeated the Pitbulls when Rocco Rock pinned Pitbull #2…Sabu beat Mikey Whipwreck via submission…Terry Funk & the Sandman beat Shane Douglas & Cactus Jack when Funk pinned Cactus.

Backstage News*: Marty Jannetty was supposed to wrestle against Sabu at the ECW Arena show but his flight was cancelled and Whipwreck was forced to take his place. Fans in attendance said that the Sabu-Whipwreck match was the best on the card. Afterward, though, Sabu and Paul E. Dangerously challenged anyone else to a match and fans chanted for a fan who weighed about 400 pounds to step up to the plate. The fan approached ringside and was either kicked by Sabu or grabbed his leg, but did not step over the guardrail, where 911 and Taz were waiting to intercept him. Tod Gordon invited the fan into the ring after the dust settled and gave him some merchandise.

*ECW’s working relationship with American Commonwealth Wrestling is not generating large crowds as Dean Malenko wrestled Taz in front of less than 100 fans in Princess Anne, Maryland. Originally, Shane Douglas was supposed to defend the ECW title against Taz but he just ended up managing Malenko for the bout.

*Backstage news provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for March 27.

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