DC Comics Universe & Red Hood: Outlaw #47 Spoilers & Review: Roy Harper Arsenal Back From The Dead After Heroes In Crisis As The Joker War Vs. Nightwing & Punchline Looms!

DC Comics Universe and Red Hood: Outlaw #47 Spoilers and Review follows.

Roy Harper Arsenal Back From The Dead After Heroes In Crisis As…

…The Joker War Vs. Nightwing and Punchline Looms!

The book opens with a flashback of the OG Outlaws – Red Hood, Arsenal and Starfire – encountering and explaining…

…the Chamber of All for readers.

Flash forward, pun intended, to today and the current Outlaws – Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro Superman – are also in the Chamber of All with allies.

The doors are killer, literally, and…

…when closing one the teams sees what has become of Bizarro who scarified himself for them; he is fighting Trigon – Raven’s dad – in hell it seems.

Somehow, in modern day, the OG Outlaws come to the aid of the current Outlaws; so TWO Red Hoods now and a returned from the dead Roy Harper Arsenal by way of magic after the debacle of Heroes in Crisis.

The book ends with Bizarro Superman vs. Trigon where…

…Bizarro wins with Smoker Door, um, Joker War for next issue teased.

Next up is Red Hood: Outlaw #48 which steps into the Joker War as Joker ally Nightwing teams with Punchline against fellow former Robin to Batman, Red Hood.

Since Arsenal is back in this issue and Nightwing is back next issue, I was reminded how cool the Jim Lee cover of them as Teen Titans, and as Speedy and Robin respectively was, in 2015’s Titans Hunt mini-series.

A good mini-series which is also available as DC Rebirth lead-in collected edition.

The Pulse:

A fun issue with a quirky story and appropriately trippy art. 8 out of 10.

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