Marvel Comics Universe & X Of Swords Event Spoilers: Who Are The Externals & What About The X-Ternals?

Marvel Comics Universe and X Of Swords Event Spoilers follows.

Who Are The Externals and What About The X-Ternals?

Well, we know the Externals are returning to Marvel, ahead of something called Sunset of X, for the X of Swords event, but who are they.

Well, here is their classic Marvel Encyclopedia bio.

Not to be mistaken for the Eternals.

The Externals debuted as the X-Ternals in 1992’s X-Force #10 from the mind of Rob Liefeld.

They debuted in the first part of the book in a split page adventure whose other half saw Garrison Kane aka Weapon X meet evil Cable clone aka Stryfe.

I am intrigued what the rebooted Externals look like and what their purpose is in 2020.

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