WWE Raw 7/27/20 – Drew vs. Dolph in an Extreme Rules Match

Dolph vs. Drew is hyped up and is now non-title for some reason with Dolph and Drew each being shown looking dominant. Orton says he’s done it all, but now he wants to be WWE Champion again. He challenges him to a title match at Summerslam and he’ll win the title after an RKO. Nia Jax comes out and rambles for a bit before Shayna, who I think is a heel still, tells her to shut up and they brawl. Street Profits are out with Dawkins doing this long, annoying intro for them as they do commentary for Ricochet and Cedric against the Viking Raiders and Zelina’s crew with the winners facing the Profits at Summerslam. Superkicks aplenty before Hanson avoids superkicks but eats a back elbow from Andrade. Garza gamenguri kicks Rowe off a dive attempt and then Hanson hits a flip dive and hits everyone. Wing Clipper to Cedric ends it.

They brawl with the Profits and Andrade tosses the announce tesk topper onto the Profits. Shayna and Nia brawl more and then shove an official around. Seth chats to Murphy and then rambles on in-ring before Dominik comes down. They brawl and Seth jumps him and then Aleister Black tries to make a save and gets his ass kicked. They do the step blinding spot to Black. MVP, Shelton, and Lashley are mid-ring for the VIP Lounge with Mustafa Ali. MVP wants him to join him and Ali says no and Truth jumps Shelton and gets 2. Lashley faces Ali and gets a dive when Tozawa’s ninjas distract Lashley. Lashley catches him off a roll attempt and gets the full nelson. No one has done the full nelson in as many ways as Lashley and like him hitting spears out of nowhere in TNA, it helps get a new finish over quickly.

Drew and his ’80s hair cut a promo on Drew for their match. Sasha vs. Asuka is up to determine the rightful champion – so Asuka has seemingly surrendered her claim to the title here. They exchange holds and Sasha goes for the Eddie belt cheating spot, but the ref saw her do it…so that just didn’t work at all. Sasha gets a half crab and Asuka gets an ankle lock. Asuka gets the Asuka Lock, but Bayley is shown beating up Kairi Sane backstage and Asuka runs backstage and Sasha…wins the title off a countout. Well that is one alarmingly stupid finish. Backstage, Kairi is looked at behind closed doors and Asuka screams after Bayley brags about Sasha 2 Beltz.

A Regis Philbin video airs before Humberto faces Murphy. Humberto’s in…an El Matador starter kit and lands a nice superkick in the corner. Murphy’s Law hits and ends it. Drew picks an extreme rules match for both of them – so he picks what would’ve been the fair match at the PPV. They have every weapons match ever and Drew claymores him through a table in the corner that ends it. Drew celebrates and eats an RKO to further set up their feud. I kind of wish they hadn’t had Orton do the show-openiing promo because this as a surprise moment to start the feud would’ve been better.

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