DC Comics Universe & Legion Of Super-Heroes #7 Spoilers & Review: Who Is Elected The LOSH’s Leader & What Is Their First BIG Threat To Deal With?!

DC Comics Universe and Legion Of Super-Heroes #7 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Is Elected…

…The LOSH’s Leader and…

…What Is Their First BIG Threat To Deal With?!

Despite the variant cover it is NOT The Gold Lantern.

After a roller coaster of a lead-in, the book ends with a vote by the LOSH on who should lead them; Cosmic Boy think its should be himself – acknowledging a strong leadership presence of Brainiac 5 in any scenario – but the Legionnaires vote in Ultra Boy who was the only other candidate.

Ultra Boy doesn’t have time to cherish his victory as…

…his dad attacks and wants to arrest the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The next two issues are billed to be epic.

The Pulse:

A convoluted story with lots of dialogue, but cool character moments including the election part. Solid art. 7 out of 10.

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