Marvel Comics Universe & Empyre #3 Spoilers & Review: Who Isn’t As She Seems In The Avengers / Fantastic Four & Kree / Skrull Alliance?

Marvel Comics Universe and Empyre #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Isn’t As She Seems In The Avengers / Fantastic Four and Kree / Skrull Alliance?

The issue has a fair number of variant covers in addition to the above.

Plus the main cover.

We open with a dramatis personae and…

…storyline catch-up with creator’s credits page.

Mister Fantastic, Reed Richards, of the Fantastic Four visits Iron Man in Avengers Mountain because Tony Stark is cracking under the strain of being duped by the Cotati at the beginning of Empyre and, to some, having lit the match on the current conflict.

We then appear to get a summary of a few of the mini-series that are out or will be out alongside the main Empyre series.

In Wakanda, it’s clobbering time against the Cotati.

Elsewhere Quoi, the Celestial Emperor of the Cotati, heeds counsel from his father the Swordsman…

…who surmises that Black Panther knows they are in Wakanda for the vibranium; why else would you attack Wakanda?

Quoi’s mother arrives in Wakanada intent of saving her son which puts her at odds with Invisible Woman Sue Storm.

Mantis believes Quoi is manipulated by his father the Swordsman and can be redeemed.

Black Panther then contacts the Emperor of the Kree / Skrull Alliance, the Young Avengers Hulkling, who gives up his Star Sword to help Black Panther with his plans.

The Star Sword is commanded by Hulking’s thoughts so he can return it at any time; despite the disagreements by almost everyone in his chamber, he is satisfied with his decision. There are a lot of powerful swords get showcased ahead of the X of Swords event; coincidence? I think not.

The book ends with Kree Gla-Ree aka Captain Glory confronting Kree Tanalith because he senses she is really a Skrull.

And, he’s right! She’s really Hulkling’s mother R’Klll Empress of the Skrulls! An alliance is borne to ensure Hulkling loses his heroic streak!

She’s also one of the variant covers to Empyre #5, a cover that’s been out for a while, so we knew she was coming; that issue is in stores on August 12, 2020.

Anyhow, this week’s issue ends with a tease of the next issue, Empyre #4, which is out on shelves next week on August 5, 2020.

Plus the up-to-date checklist of Empyre thus far and what’s to come.

The Pulse:

Lots of action and pivoting from one group of characters to another; a bit to frenetic to build attachments to the scenes and characters. GREAT art though. 6 out of 10.

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