Marvel Comics Universe & Empyre: Avengers #1 Spoilers & Review: West Coast Avengers Super-Heroes Assemble Against The Cotati Threat!

Marvel Comics Universe and Empyre: Avengers #1 Spoilers and Review follows

West Coast Avengers Super-Heroes…

…Assemble Against The Cotati Threat!

The Avengers Assemble, some remotely, in leader Black Panther’s Wakanda uber-tech space to deal with the Empyre threat.

Several teams are dispatched including Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who…

..encounter the Kree / Skrull alliance.

Elsewhere, another group of Avenges travel to…

…the Savage Land which has been overrun with Cotati.

Man-Thing saves the day, or does he, as…

…he’s in the thrall of a green Sheena the She-Devil?!

Here’s a classic West Coast Avengers entry from the Marvel Encylopedia as context.

The Pulse:

Cool seeing Wonder Woman back as well as Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch and Vision from the WCA days plus Brother Voodoo and Black Knight. Hopefully USAgent and War Machine also turn up. Lots of action. Art was so-so though. 6 out of 10.

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