Pull List Roundtable 7/27/2020 – Empyre, Lost Soldiers, Wonder Woman & More!

For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.

James Fulton

Lost Soldiers #1 – Despite a few early missteps, I’ve decided that Ales Kot is a ‘buy immediately’ writer, so I haven’t even read the solicitation text for this new series of his. Needless to say, it’s been a while, and I’m excited.

I’m also looking forward to new issues of Ascender, Cable, Empyre, Legion of Super-Heroes, Rogue Planet, Shadow Roads (it’s been more than a year since this was supposed to come out!), Star Wars: Darth Vader, That Texas Blood (the first issue was so good!), and X-Men.

I’m on the fence about X-Factor. It doesn’t appeal to me on the surface, but that’s what I thought about Marauders and Hellions, and I ended up liking them. I’m going to give the first issue a shot…

John Babos

Small week.

2 to 3 books this week.

  • Legion of Super-Heroes #7
  • Suicide Squad #7
  • Wonder Woman #759 (iffy on this, but may try out new creative team)

I’d like to be reading more Marvel, Valiant and AfterShock, but that may be happening as they ramp from their post pandemic plans over the coming months.

I do still dabble in IDW and Dynamite and not recently, but Image one book that has captured my imagination (Adventureman).

Even my DC reads are shrinking was what I like to read others don’t; my faves get cancelled; particularly at the Big Two.