Liberated (PC, Switch) A Black & White Comic Book Platformer

Liberated is a comic book flavored, black and white platform shooter with a unique twist.


Liberated takes place in a cyberpunk dystopian future, but not too deep in the future. The game is broken down into comic book-style chapters, and there are four comic books. In each you control a different character, some on the government’s side and others on the resistance side. It’s a unique twist.


The whole game is presented in a film noire-style black and white world, where cut scenes are panels of a comic book. The 2.5D look of the game continues in this black and white fashion, with everything seeming to have hand drawn comic-style look.


The in-game action is a side scrolling 2.5 shooter, with light stealth elements. There are also some slide puzzles and quick time actions to mix up the gameplay.


The total package is more than the sum of the parts – the atmosphere, graphics and gameplay come together for an enjoyable experience, recommended for fans of comics and artistic games.

Score: 8/10

Screenshot Gallery (PC):

Screenshot Gallery (Switch):

Liberated releases July 30, 2020 for PC on Steam and Gog. You can also get it for Nintendo Switch.


Liberated is a video game that unfolds across the pages of a comic book. A revolution in digital comics, where action/adventure gameplay and story transition seamlessly across the pages of a hand-drawn graphic novel.

  • A video game that you play within comic book pages.
  • Side-scrolling action: gunplay, stealth, platforming.
  • Seamless transitions between gameplay and hand-drawn story panels.


Liberated explores a tangible near-future: an always-online society ripe for the bloom of authoritarianism.
As technology empowers government control, an insurgent group of Liberated men and women rises.
This is not a story about good vs. evil, it’s a story about people and the truths they hold. But truth is a matter of perspective.

  • Different perspectives — Liberated spans several chapters—comic book issues—told through unique points of view and characters locked in a clash of ideals.
  • Familiar technology in a noir near-future — social media, facial recognition, information warfare, social credit systems. Knowledge is power.
  • Authoritarianism — how it is born in a democratic society, gradually develops, and ultimately consumes it.
  • Revolution and terrorism — Liberated men and women rise against the new social order, but at what cost?