DC Comics Universe, The CW & Crisis On Infinite Earths: Paragons Rising The Deluxe Edition #1 Spoilers & Review: Part 2 – Infinite Luthor?! Council Of Lex Luthors & Council Of Supermen Debut!

DC Comics Universe, The CW and Crisis On Infinite Earths: Paragons Rising The Deluxe Edition #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Part 2 – Infinite Luthor?! Council Of Lex Luthors and Council Of Supermen Debut!

Part 1 focused on the search for the Paragons (full spoilers here).

Part 2 focuses on Lex Luthor(s) and Superman(men)…

…in a tale called Infinite Luthor.

On Earth 74, Lyla Michaels Diggle aka Harbinger, plays chess with the DC TV Supergirl show’s Lex Luthor; she’s incapacitated so…

…that our bearded Luthor can be taken to the Earth 99 and the Council of Luthors.

Even there is a Council of Wells, why not Luthors too?

Anyhow, all the Luthors either see the Anti-Monitor’s multiverse threat as an opportunity for worlds domination and/or killing Superman. While, the DC TV Luthor sees them dealing with Anti-Monitor first as key since there is no multiverse there is no worlds to dominates or Superman to destroy; they need to super-heroes to work for them against the Anti-Monitor. He departs the Council of Luthors with his peers seeing him as a dangerous anomaly.

He heads to Earth 38 and Superman; he plans to force Superman into an alliance, but…

…the Council of Supermen arrives! They are banding together to take on the Anti-Monitor threat.

The DC TV Lex Luthor has been kidnapped and returned back to Earth 99 and a Council of Luthor trial of sorts; he is imprisoned for seeking Superman’s help.

He escapes and goes to back to the Council of Supermen…

…assisting them…

…in destroying large-scale kryptonite weaponry…

…putting him in further odds with Council of Luthors, but he knows the multiverse will all the heroes it can muster to defeat the Anti-Monitor so there are worlds to dominate and Supermen to kill.

The actual DC TV 5 episodes CW Crisis of Infinite Earth cross-over can be viewed on a bonus disc in Arrow Season 8 Blu-ray / DVD and / or the collected Arrow Series on Blu-ray / DVD which both came out in April 2020.

The Pulse:

Another fun issue. This one is less convoluted than the first one with a lots of Easter Eggs and fanboy / fangirl moments rendered by solid art. VERY entertaining. 8.5 out of 10.

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