DC Comics Universe, November 2020 Solicitations & Advance December 2020 Solicitations Spoilers: Alan Moore’s Twilight Of The Superheroes Sees Print!

DC Comics Universe, November 2020 Solicitations and Advance December 2020 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

Alan Moore’s Twilight Of The Superheroes Sees Print!

Solicitation and cover follows (emphasis added at the end).

      written and illustrated by VARIOUS
      cover by CURT SWAN and MURPHY ANDERSON
      ON SALE 12/15/20
      $49.99 US | 520 PAGES | FC | DC
      ISBN: 978-1-77950-087-8

      The ’80‘s were a truly rad time for comic books. DC was killing it with groundbreaking titles like Man of Steel, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Watchmen. This collection, curated by writer and former DC publisher Paul Levitz, celebrates the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths era of the early 1980s with memorable adventures including Alan Moore and Curt Swan’s poignant “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?,” both Batman and Superman teaming with their Golden Age equivalents in separate stories, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor versus gremlins, and more. Collects Action Comics #583, Detective Comics #500, The Flash #296-298, Jonah Hex #54-55, Superman #423, House of Mystery #286, #290, #294-295, #300, #308, #321, Warlord #42, Wonder Woman #311-312, The Brave and the Bold #200, Weird War Tales #93, Time Warp #2 and #3, G.I. Combat #288, Blackhawk #258, DC Comics Presents Annual #1, Super Friends #36, and Sgt. Rock #345, #347, #368, and #387. Also includes new essays on this amazing era from such comics luminaries as Jack C. Harris, Elliot S! Maggin, J.M. DeMatteis, Andy Kubert, and more, and features the complete text of Alan Moore’s legendary, never-before-published Twilight proposal!


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