WWE Raw 8/17/20 Recap – HBK Confronts Orton

The Then/Now/Forever bit is messed up via terrible video effects. RETRIBUTION HAS TAKEN OVER THEN/NOW/FOREVER. Those bastards! Thankfully, they didn’t interrupt the buttrock musical intro. Asuka faces both Bayley and Sasha for their titles at Summerslam, but tonight, she teams with Shayna to face them. HBK will also confront Orton tonight. Drew comes out and we get a recap of the Flair-Orton stuff from last week. Drew talks about Orton beating up a 71 year old man and KICKED HIM IN HIS DAMN SKULL. However, at Summerslam, he isn’t facing a defenseless old man – he’s facing a Scottish fire-breathing dragon! WACKY CAMERA CUTS are now Retribution taking over as Retribution takes over the TV truck and they force the guy to kill the feed. Okay then.

We come back and Retribution’s antics were recapped – so I guess they just stopped caring. Titus talks to the other mid-card babyfaces about this all being due to Tozawa’s ninjas. Drew tells everyone that Ric will be fine, but Orton won’t be after Summerslam. He’s sick and tired of Retribution and wants to stand together to take them out. Seth comes in and mocks him and says he’s the locker room leader. Ricochet tells Seth that Rey is here tonight. They all argue and Drew tells Seth that if he wants, he’ll drop him now.

MVP and the Hurt Business come down as Tom stammers through MVP-Apollo being announced for the PPV and saying it’s due to nervousness over Retribution. MVP says that they’re here to take out Retribution and he did more in a SENTENCE to make his three man team seem tougher than the whole babyface roster. MVP is all about following the money and the leader is APOLLO and his band of misfits! Retribution started around when he faced Apollo for the title and it was all a ploy so Apollo could steal HIS US Title! Okay, so now the US Title seems more important than the WWE Title.

Crews says that MVP can’t beat him without help and MVP says that before he won the US Title, Apollo’s career had a lot of starts and stops. He doesn’t fear MVP, he fears losing that title because once he does, it’s back to catering. Crews brawls with them to set up a match between Shelton and Crews. A Crews wins prevents Shelton and Lashley from being at ringside at Summerslam. This goes on for a few minutes before Crews gets a quick win and then the Hurt Business brawls and then the babyfaces come to make a save. Lashley locks on the Full-Lashley and Ali hops on him and he still has it on before the odds defeat him and we get a face vs. heel staredown and Shelton takes out Truth to win the 24/7 Title.

MVP says they won’t be disrespected by clowns, ninjas, or Truth and he wants a 6-man elimination tag with the Hurt Business agaisnt Crews and two others… Why not just announce it’s Ricochet and Cedric? Angel chats with Demi Burnett of the Bachelor and Ivar comes in to talk about his hoop skills. He offers her a turkey leg to join him at Raw Underground and we get some terrible acting from Angel about the poisoning of Montez.

They hype up WWE Thunderdome – and I guess Retribution is okay with that. Angel back-elbows Ivar and gets a headlock. Ivar hits the basement crossbody and the corner seated senton gets 2. A triangle apon tackle hits for Ivar but Garza lands a sliding dropkick to end it. Dawkins talks with Demi about Angel and they gossip about he and Charly. They cue up a video and Garza runs to the back, which for some reason stops the video from airing. Joe says that WWE’s new security measures led to him seeing the footage because he’s well-liked unlike well Byron and he shared the video with Dawkins. A Bret vs. Davey Summerslam video package airs.

We see Dominik’s back and chest after last week’s attack. We get more from Demi and Dawkins and Garza tells her to delete his number after 2 AM. Dawkins tells them to run the tape and we see Zelina spike Montez’s drink and Zelina blames Charly and says that she’s just jealous of Demi. Tez returns and we get MORE BRAWLING. Nattie and Mickie are mid-ring to just have a match as Lana is on TikTok and Joe talks about Mickie being uncool for not having one. Mick-DDT is countered into a sorta-discus lariat for a double-down. Seth and Murphy just interrupt all this and he demands that Joe tell him he knows Rey will be here. This sure buries everyone else involved in this. Lana hits Mickie and Nattie wins by countout. THIS was Mickie’s return. Mickie hits a Mick Kick on Lana to send her phone sailing. Then we go to Seth rambling more and making threats about Rey and Dom.

WWE shills for their content on Peacock before Sasha twerks on the ramp. Sasha and Bayley will have to defend the tag titles at Payback as well. Sasha complains about Summerslam while Bayley talks about it like it’s a day off. SHE’S THE EMPRESS OF STUPIDITY! Bayley talks about carrying the heavy load at Summerslam and face Asuka first so that Sasha can beat her with ease and then they’ll celebrate until Payback when they beat whoever. Shayna comes out and says no matter what happens at Summerslam, she’ll take on whoever has the Raw Women’s Title. Asuka comes out and insults them in Japanese and says she’ll fight both of them and then Shayna has to team with her before facing her.

Nia jumps Shayna and breaks down the plexi glass before Pat Buck and his pink pants run down to make this a handicap match. Bayley cranks on a chinlock before they double-slam Asuka for 2. Sasha gets the crossface on, but Shayna runs down and attacks to break it up before going to the apron AND GRABBING THE TAG ROPE. I like that. Shayna gets the inverted gutwrench and big knee before the Kirafuda clutch is on, but Sasha saves. Asuka Lock on Sasha on the floor leads to a full-on Kirafuda clutch to Bayley for the tap!

A recent Titus award win gets a graphic – cool, he deserves a lot of credit for using his fame to show people how to make the world a better place. A recap of the months-long Seth-Mysterio feud airs. Backstage, Crews meets with Ali, Cedric, and Ricochet and leaves Ced out since he was locked in the full nelson. Ced is pissed, but they say they’ll get him next time. Orton just casually strolls into the frame with “the thinker” pose. Drew strolls in for his chat with HBK. They talk about Flair as if he’s dead and HBK tells him to man up and beat Orton at Summerslam. Backstage, Billie has Peyton face Ruby in her stead before Marina and Jessamyn chat with Shayna.

We get a recap of Retribution’s attacks over the past few weeks – including the ROPE-CUTTING and their entire Then/Now/Forever deal earlier. Ruby gets a standing STO against Peyton, but eats a sliding knee for 2. Ruby sends her outside and lands a crossbody off the apron. Billie distracts them and Peyton shoves them together and Peyton hits the deja vu to win. Ruby and Liv bicker a bit before we go to Raw Underground’s door.

Erik beats up a dude before challenging Dolph. Doph turns him down, but Shane makes the match and Dolph chokes him out after an eye poke. Rey and Dom cut a promo on Seth before Rey says he’s not cleared, but no doctor can prevent him from saving his son. Seth and Murphy come down and the Mysterios take them down with kendo sticks. They go to beat Seth a ton with the sticks before Murphy saves him. Backtage, MVP talks to Cedric about navigating the waters when he was younger and struggling – but only having himself to blame and not his own friends. He hopes he enjoys catering.

In the Underground, Arturo Ruas faces Riddick Moss and they slug it out before Ruas slams him down. He goes for an RNC, but can’t get the hooks in and then Moss slugs away. Ruas gets a kneebar and Moss goes out and then Ruas slugs a dude. Ali, Ricochet, and Crews face the Hurt Business. We get a recap of everything tonight to set this up. Ricochet hits a run-up enzuiguri on Shelton for 2. Ali comes in and Lashley darts at him and bowls him over. Dominator/Yokosuka cutter ends it right away for him. WOW what a jobber. Ricochet goes up high for a Lashley chokeslam and then he takes a head spike bump for Paydirt. Shelton just beat Ricochet IN SECONDS in 2020.

Crews hits a toss powerbomb on Shelton to beat him. You’re a jobber. AND YOU’RE A JOBBER. EVERYONE’S A JOBBER. Cedric sneaks up on Shelton and beats him for the 24/7 Title. MVP stomps away on Crews in the corner. Lashley works him over in the corner and they hype up WWE Thunderdome before MVP hits the players boot in the corner for 2. Toss powerbomb hits MVP and that’s it for MVP, so Lashley beats up Crews and pulls his pec before kicking his chest. Crews lands a big enzuiguri and a buzzsaw enzuiguri leads to a standing moonsault for 2. He goes for the toss, but Lashley wants the full Lashley, but Crews blocks that but eats a spear to end it.

The Hurt Business stands tall and Shelton throws imaginary dirt on him. They hype up getting two PPVs for one month of the Network since Payback happens a week after Summerslam, for no logical reason now. The Summerslam card is recapped. Shane chats with the Horsewomen about Raw Underground and after a break, Cedric defends the 24/7 Title against Tozawa. MVP watches on backstage via an angle a human being could use to watch a TV. Tozawa summons ninjas to give him the edge, but the neuralizer and lumbar check give Cedric the win.

Shelton paydirts him to win the title back. A Raw Underground recap airs to set up Ivar vs. Dolph next week in Raw Underground. In the pit, Shafir fights a random woman and cartwheels into a kick and kneebar/triangle to tap her out. Nia comes in and boots Jessamyn before Shayna defends her friends. They go to fight and Nia rolls out and punts Marina. A “she’s scared” chant breaks out as Shane hypes up next week’s show.

Andrade and Zelina are mid-ring to face Montez Ford, who seems just fine. Then he and Dawkins dance with the crowd. Tez hits a big flip dive, but Andrade hits a big superplex for 2. Tez flips over the back and lands a swandive lariat and moonsault for 2. A pop-up rana hits for Tez and he springs up for the frog splash, but Zelina distracts and Andrade takes advantage before Bianca saves and slams her before a schoolboy ends it. Why not just have him win with his finish!? HBK walks backstage to meet with the roster before going to the ring to chat with Randy.

The Street Profits gets their own USA Network-centered ad to hype up Raw, which actually does a lot to help them seem like big stars of the present and future. Tom reads the same copy about WWE Thunderdome in the same way he’s read a half-dozen times so far. HBK does his posing while they talk about what a serious situation this is. HBK cues up yet another video on Orton beating up Ric, which for some reason all the people who are upset by want to see a lot tonight. HBK says that at Summerslam, Orton will pay via either a claymore or Sweet Chin Music and he will see it coming. Orton hits an RKO outta nowhere and a punt, which only sends HBK into the corner as he’s just a bit dazed by it all. Orton jumps him and Drew brawls with him and tosses him through the plexiglass. Drew apologizes to HBK and then Orton RKOs him and then slithers like a snake out of the ring. Orton’s having his best run in a decade here.

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