DC Comics Universe & Teen Titans #44 Spoilers & Review: Damian Wayne Robin Vs. Teen Titans, But Who Does Batman Side With? Plus A BIG Return!

DC Comics Universe and Teen Titans #44 Spoilers and Review follows.

Damian Wayne Robin Vs. Teen Titans, But..

…Who Does Batman Side With?

Plus A BIG Return!

The book opens with Damian Wayne seemingly about to assassinate a villain, but…

…the Teen Titans stop him!

A several pages battle ensues between Robin and TT which ultimately leads to Damian bailing.

Elsewhere, Black Mask recruits…

…Deathstroke to take out the Teen Titans.

The book ends with Damian Wayne on his on volition confronting the team and justifying is murder of Brother Blood.

The team wants to hear none of it, but take him in…

…until Batman enters the fray, after finding the team’s one-time prison under their HQ, and shits down the team!

This issues presumably leads into the Teen Titans Annual #2 out next week on August 25 / 26, 2020.

Teen Titans #45 (of 47) hits stands on September 22 / 23, 2020.

What’s next for Damian Wayne is a hotly contested question.

The Pulse:

A frenetic and compelling issue with big reveals with Deathstroke and Batman. This feels more like a team of teens than the Teen Titans. Ok art. 6 out of 10.

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