Pull List Roundtable 8/19/2020 – Last Song, Maestro, Dark Nights: Death Metal Guidebook & More!

For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.

James Fulton

This is a pretty big week, with no new series for me, but a few returning series I haven’t seen in a while, like Last Song, Rai, and Valkyrie: Jane Foster (I thought that one was being moved to digital only).

I’m also looking forward to new issues of Cable, Captain America, Decorum, Die Die Die, Empyre: X-Men, Gideon Falls, Low, No One’s Rose, Once & Future, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, Thor, and Wolverine.

Mike Maillaro – Marvel ended up releasing a bunch of their digital only issues as print copies later. Hawkeye, Avengers Wastelands, Star.

John Babo – I think DC won’t be doing that. Last issues of Terrifics may be collected in TPB if that last arc gets a collection.

John Babos

In contrast to James, a small week for me with only 4 books; 50-50 for DC-Marvel.

  • Avengers #35
  • Batman #97
  • Dark Nights Death Metal Guidebook #1
  • Thor #6

Fulton – I thought you were reading Rai too…

Babos –  Bloodshot.

Fulton – Right

Mike Maillaro

  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long A Sacrifice #2 – Deep Space Nine has always been my favorite Star Trek (though I have to admit Discovery may have overtaken it), and IDW does a terrific job with their Star Trek comics. Definitely worth reading for any fans of the show.
  • Maestro #1 – Peter David seems to be in retro mode lately doing Spider-Man 2099, Symbiote Spider-Man and now Maestro. Huge fan of Peter David, so this is a must read for me.
  • Captain Marvel #20 – I usually hate when a long lost family member appears out of nowhere, but I have to admit I am really enjoying this current arc with Carol’s Kree Half Sister. Hopefully they won’t turn her evil in the end, because that would just be too cliché.
  • Ash And Thorn #4
  • Justice League #51
  • Nightwing #73
  • Teen Titans #44
  • Avengers #35
  • Cable #3
  • Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #4 (Of 5)
  • Empyre X-Men #4 (Of 4)
  • Excalibur #11
  • Lords Of Empyre Swordsman #1
  • Spider-Woman #3
  • Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4
  • Thor #6
  • Valkyrie Jane Foster #10
  • Wolverine #4