WWE Raw 8/24/20 Recap – Post-SummerSlam Show

The usual Raw intro starts us off alongside a quick verbal recap of Drew beating Orton and Byron talking about his growing WWE Title legacy. Drew’s Thunderdome-wide pyro display is outstanding stuff and really makes him feel top-shelf. We see the title win and Drew says he’s proud of the win and the title. He wants to face Orton again and send him to Claymore country. Orton jumps him on the ramp and sends him backstage for a punt that looks okay and then another that misses by a mile and Randy runs into the wall. A Keith Lee hype video airs and Nia is backstage with new unicorn-ish hair and Shayna talks smack and offers to help her.

Shayna faces Bayley, who comes out looking sad with Sasha’s title loss. They have a pretty short match until Shayna and Nia brawl and then the Golden Role Models talk smack to Nia, so she wants them too. KO is backstage with a new red and black shirt and chats to Aleister in his…closet I guess. Black comes out with a wrap over his right eye and he lays out KO with a backfist and a Black Mass after he shows sympathy towards him. A fatal 4 way is up for the 24/7 Title with Truth facing Tozawa, Shelton, and Cedric. Shelton powerbombs Tozawa into the ninjas and then Tozawa gets tossed in and sunset flips Truth to win. Shelton beats up the ninjas and Tozawa leaves them for dead.

A very tan Randy chats with Sarah and says he’ll talk about what he did…next. He punted him twice because he offered a rematch out of pity. Keith Lee comes out with a revamped theme, but keeping the “BASK IN HIS GLORY” stuff and a fight skirt. Okay then, so the theme isn’t as good as his NXT one and the skirt doesn’t work. Keith has gotten written of the painted on goatee and offers to let Randy bask in his glory. Randy has been called many things, as has Keith Lee, and he’s certain he is limitless. Since Randy is looking for a fight, he’ll offer him one up tonight. Randy says maybe later.

Charly confronts Zelina about poisoning Montez and she says that it proved nothing. Angel incriminates her more and Demi from the Bachelor makes more weird faces. Angel invites her to the match IF she won’t go out with Ivar. Garza faces Montez, who gets a quick win off a toss off the top and the gorgeous rotating five star frog splash. Shayna and Nia bicker a bit and then decide to help each other out by having Shayna help Nia with the tag title situation. The IIconics and Zelina face the Riott Squad and Bianca Belair. Bianca hits a slick handspring moonsault on Zelina for 2, but Zelina gets a corner cradle for 2. KOD ends it and Bianca gets revenge for her husband.

MVP talks to Ricochet and Cendric and MVP stirs the pot by saying Ricochet abandoned Cedric last week. Crews’ victory is shown and Mark Henry comes out with a dyed beard and Apollo wins and Lashley eats a pump kick and he dives on MVP and Shelton. Seth’s win is shown and Rey and Dom are backstage and swear vengeance. Lana and Nattie are bitchie to Mickie and she runs down and Mick Kicks them. Lashley front chokes a dude out in Raw Underground and beats up another blonde dude before the Hurt Business comes in and beats a dude up. Randy comes out to face Keith Lee, who overpowers Orton before Drew comes back and beats up Orton. Backstage, Orton punts Drew a third time.

Shayna faces Asuka in a rematch lumberjack match. The heels go after Asuka and Sasha gets a frog splash for 2. Asuka gets the Asuka Lock and Sasha loses. Drew is rushed into an ambulance and Keith Lee is pissed at Orton and says Drew is tough and he’ll be okay in time – but Randy won’t be. Lashley beats up dudes before he and Shelton beat two guys up. Rey and Dom come out to face Seth and Murphy. So Rey wasn’t cleared for Summerslam, but is cleared a day later? And what’s up with his eye? They never updated anyone on that. Dom works with Murphy for a bit before Rey comes in for…a side headlock takedown on the guy who helped take his eye out. Dom gets a springboard crossbody for 2 on Murphy. Rey sets up a 619 on Murphy and they hit a double 619 on him before Seth tosses him off the top and Retribution surrounds Dominik and Rey.

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