Marvel Comics Universe & Amazing Spider-Man #47 Spoilers & Review: The March To Amazing Spider-Man #50 & The Green Goblin Continues In Sins Rising Part 3 & A Sin-Eater Corps?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Amazing Spider-Man #47 Spoilers and Review follows.

The March To Amazing Spider-Man #50 and The Green Goblin Continues In…

…Sins Rising Part 3 and a Sin-Eater Corps?!

The book opens with the Sin-Eater’s recorded message to…

…Nora Winters; she’s grappling with whether to release message or not.

She eventually releases it online and…

…it goes viral.

Elsewhere, we see that Sin-Eater’s victims may appear dead, but they’re not; they awake wanting to confess to their crime(s).

Elsewhere, looks like Sin-Eater’s viral message has gained him a corps…

…who want a world without sin.

Before we can shoot someone, Spider-Man joins the party and gets swarmed.

The book ends with the Sin-Eater’s next target, his whale of orts, being identified as…

…Ravencroft head Norman Osborn AKA as the Green Goblin!

The Pulse:

Business picks up implausibly at some points, but art was decent. Intrigued by last page. 6 out of 10.

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