DC Comics Universe & Batgirl #48 Spoilers & Review: Joker War Tie-In Sees Future Batman Luke Fox Help Barbara Gordon With Killing Joke Redux Fallout!


DC Comics Universe and Batgirl #48 Spoilers and Review follows.

Joker War Tie-In Sees Future Batman Luke Fox Help…

…Barbara Gordon With Killing Joke Redux Fallout!

The book opens with the fallout from last issue’s confrontation with the Joker himself (full spoilers here)!

She wonders about her connection to the Joker, but…

…its a hallucination due the extreme pain she’s in as she can’t walk anymore, as her chip is fried, and she’s recovering from the fight.

Her serial killer brother James is visiting her in the hospital…

…to the consternation of their dad GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Barbara Gordon calls Luke Fox for hep.

The car scene overlaps with Catwoman #25 as noted above which is out on September 15 / 26, 2010.

Luke arrives and together they figure out how to fix her chip so she is mobile again and can be…

…Batgirl again!

The book ends with her brother pill popping and…

…Batgirl finding a dead Batgirl?!

The Pulse:

An emotional issue with no Joker, but his shadow cast a long shadow. This is the second book out this week with nods to the Killing Joke; spoilers for Batman: Three Jokers #1 here. Anyhow, decent art in Batgirl #48 too. 7 out of 10.

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