DC Comics Universe & Shazam #14 Spoilers: Penultimate Issue Sees Post Doomsday Clock Justice Society Of America (JSA) Vs. Superboy Prime Pre Dark Nights Death Metal! Shazam #14 Preview!

DC Comics Universe and Shazam #14 Spoilers follows.

Penultimate Issue Sees…

…Post Doomsday Clock Justice Society Of America (JSA) Vs. Superboy-Prime Pre Dark Nights Death Metal!

Geoff Johns previewed the issue by confirming JSA involvement earlier:

      “First off, what better villain to fight the world’s greatest superhero kid, Shazam, than the world’s worst superhero villain kid, Superboy-Prime? And then in Shazam! #14, the Justice Society of America will be coming by to help, fresh from Doomsday Clock. Alan, Jay, Stargirl, Cyclone — the whole gang will be coming by. So the book’s going to get a little more crowded.”

      “For me, Superboy-Prime is both a very fun and very tragic character. He’s super dramatic and overly emotional and cruel – he’s a joy to write because he’s so out there. From Infinite Crisis to Sinestro Corps to Legion of Three Worlds, I’ve loved him because of that. He’s so bizarre.”

      “A lot of readers see him as a mouthpiece for a fanboy gone wrong – in some respects I think that’s correct, in others it’s overly simplified,. But whatever he is, he’s fun. Anyway, like it or not, folks – ultimately, the twisted Superboy will be face-to-face with Billy and his family as they deal with Mr. Mind and the Monster Society and the secret behind the return of the Wizard.”

      “We’ll see where he’s been and what he’s been doing. Again, he’s a character that I’ve obviously written a lot and it’ll be fun to see him face off against the Shazam Family.”

      “I’m sure they’ll end up using Prime in a crossover at some point. How can they not? He’s too much fun to leave on the shelf for another 10 years. For now, I’m really excited to play with him again.”

Now onto the interior pages.

Solicitation below.

      Shazam #14
      (W) Geoff Johns (A/CA) Dale Eaglesham

      He’s baaaaaaack! The greatest kid superhero ever faces the worst teen supervillain as Billy Batson and the Shazam family confront Superboy Prime. Superboy Prime has the powers of Superman and none of his heroic morality-can even Shazam stop the most powerful threat he and his family have ever encountered?

      SRP: $3.99

Series ends with end-of-September’s Shazam #15.

So, are you intrigued to pick up this book next week?

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