What The World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – April 11, 1995

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon announces that Sabu has been indefinitely suspended for not competing at the Three-Way Dance.

Joey Styles hypes Hostile City Showdown ’95, which will take place this Saturday at the ECW Arena. He also hypes a new Florida swing that the promotion will go on in early May. At May 5 they are going to Fort Lauderdale and in May 6 they head to Tampa.

Footage of Rick Steiner showing up at Three-Way Dance to team with Taz is shown.

Eddie Guerrero defeating 2 Cold Scorpio for the Television Championship at Three-Way Dance is shown.

Cactus Jack says that he is not going to be like Izzy Stradli leaving Guns N’ Roses at the height of its popularity and he wants to outduel Terry Funk. He rips the story The Little Engine that Could and how it will not provide him the best advice to win in ECW. Jack vows to put Funk out of commission at Hostile City Showdown.

Funk does a rebuttal promo, criticizing Jack’s lack of wrestling ability and repeating his claim that Jack is not at his level.

The Shane Douglas-Sandman ECW Championship match at Three-Way Dance airs. It is the same clip job that was on the Three-Way Dance VHS release. The Sandman and Douglas promos on that tape also air.

Highlights of the Three-Way Dance main event are shown. The video is a mess because they put Styles commentary lines on top of each other. The clip job disguises how bad the match was, showing that the Public Enemy prevailed and the Pitbulls attacked them at the end of the event.

The Last Word: This show was a quick recap of Three-Way Dance and build up for Hostile City Showdown. Fans would have enjoyed seeing the Eddie Guerrero-2 Cold Scorpio match and it did a lot to raise Guerrero’s stock among American fans in this period.

Up Next: Hostile City Showdown ’95!

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