DC Comics Universe & Injustice: Year Zero #5 Spoilers & Review: Which Justice Society Of America (JSA) Hero Is Killed First By A Super-Powered Joker?!


DC Comics Universe and Injustice: Year Zero #5 Spoilers and Review follows.

Which Justice Society Of America (JSA) Hero Is Killed First By A Super-Powered Joker?!

The Joker, with Harley Quinn, is on a quest to retrieve an amulet that would imbue the wearer with the power of a Lord of Chaos. It was last seen during WWII as told by one-time member of the Boy Commandos and now an old man Andre Chavard who Joker has kidnapped. The amulet is at the bottom of the ocean so the Joker enlists his Legion of Doom co-conspirator Black Manta to help with his search efforts.

At the same time, Superman and Lois Lane are on a mystery that leads them to the JSA’s Doctor Midnight.

Elsewhere, Black Manta incredibly unearths a chained chest presumably with the amulet inside.

The JSA’s Green Lantern Alan Scott is off to see what his ring has alerted him to.

Black Manta gives the amulet to Joker who puts it on after Chavard tried to get at it.

A super-powered Joke is frightening; he’s a Lord of Chaos!

Chabrd is still trying to thwart the Joker, but the Joker uses his new powers to suggest that Chavard walk into the airlock…

…which he does and Black Manta ejects him to his death.

Looks like the Green Lantern’s ring has brought him to the Joker who…

…revels in playing with him as the end blurb tease for next issue hints that a JSA member will die! I hope its NOT Alan Scott; he’s one of my gave Justice Society members.

The Pulse:

Another gripping story with a Superman subplot now percolating. Great art. I am intrigued. 8.5 out of 10.

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