WWE Raw 8/31/20 Recap

Orton comes out and Tom explains that we’ll get three matches tonight leading to a triple threat match and the winenr of that faces Drew at Clash of Champions. Dolph faces Keith Lee, Orton faces KO, and Dominik faces Seth in a Summerslam rematch due to an injury to Rey. Randy cuts a promo on Drew not being healthy enough to come here tonight, and we get some WWE Photoshop Comedy of him in the hospital with the legends Orton took out. Keith Lee tells him that Orton is doing a great job of distracting what he did to him at Payback – pinning his shoulders to the mat. Orton leaves and Dolph jumps in to face Keith. We get a nice, long chinlock from Dolph before Dolph gets hoised up and tossed around by Lee. Lee hits a Tour of the Islands and a superkick attempt leads to the Spirit Bomb to end it and send Lee into the triple threat.

Nia and Shayna’s title win is shown and Asuka is interviewed mid-interview before Shayna and Nia bully her and Asuka cuts a wacky Asuka promo to end the scene. Adam Pearce talks to goona while wearing a Connor’s Cure pin and talks about THE GROUP THAT CALLS ITSELF RETRIBUTION and cuts a great promo on them not doing their jobs properly. Pearce as an administrative stooge is a shockingly great usage of him and if you need someone to take Vince’s bumps for him, he can do it. Asuka comes out and says it doesn’t matter who is ready for her, because she’s ready for anything. Mickie James comes out and we get a revolving door promo with her, Nattie, and Lana. Lana says it’s not an age thing because J-Lo’s 50 and fabulous, Mickie’s just selfish and she has has her 1998 gear. Well, that’s just a blatant lie. The faces run wild on the heels and stand tall.

Demi chats with the Viking Raiders and Cedric where she kisses Ivar and commends Cedric for not joining the Hurt Business. Angel comes in and looks like a creeper. Mickie faces Lana with Asuka on commentary being wacky. Lana avoids the Mick-DDT, but the Mick Kick ends it. Nattie looks on as tarrified as anyone has at receiving one of her paintings as a gift. Mickie gets on the buckle and points at Asuka’s title like it’s the Mania sign. Black’s kick on KO is shown before Orton comes out of a door. The Riott Squad faces the IIconics and the winner faces Nia and Shayna while the losing team is split up. So it’s a rematch of a bad match, but with stips that…maybe matter. Billie and Peyton are interviewed in a backstage interview ring for some reason and we get some robotic rambling from the interviewer and Billie and Peyton talking about their run as if they were babyfaces. They fought against the odds to get to WWE, did it together, and wanted to become champions from their time in high school and did it at Sports Entertainment’s Biggest Stage WrestleMania. They do their pose while the camera pans across them heroically. Well, this was goofy as hell.

Orton is out to face KO, who eats a Black Mass from Aleister Black. KO wants to fight and he slugs him and an RKO ends it. Rey says his loss tonight is his son’s gain. A Crews vs. Lashley with The Hurt Business video is aired…sponsored by KFC. Well, the optics of that are ill-timed. Apollo faces Shelton in a Raw Underground match and we get a VIP Lounge with the Hurt Business talking about facing Cedric and the Viking Raiders tonight. I like them all having a unified look and the black and gold shirts look fantastic. The faces run wild on them and it sets up the six man tag, which is pretty quick and ends with a Cedric schoolboy on MVP. Clearly, his 24/7 Title run gave him a big XP boost for that move. Backstage, the heels lay out Cedric.

The IIconics face the Riott Squad in another sloppy match with Ruby winning after a few cradle exchanges with Billie by stacking her shoulders and…running in place I guess to beat her. Hopefully this means the end of the team, but the start of Billie as Peyton’s manager. Or something that keeps Billie out of the ring and then they just move on to the Underground’s door being opened. The Seth and Dom saga is shown with clips of last night’s tag. Seth blames Murphy for the loss last night and says he can’t have Murphy screwing things up. He tells him to leave his side until he figures out which side of history he wants to be on. Seth throws Dom around and Dom gets a few things off, but misses a frog splash and curb stomps him to win it.

Titus beats up a dude in the Underground and then hiplocks a dude down for some ground and pound before Riddick brawls with him and Moss gets tossed. Moss gets a 1-2 combo and KOs Titus. We get Street Profits comedy on Zelina’s group with her saying Zelina’s too short for roller coasters. Montez says it’s time to bring the storm to the Thunderdome, which they put over as something that has captivated the Universe while Byron talks about it in ways that all human beings would by saying it’s enthralling and captures your attention. Tozawa and his van full of ninjas try to come to Raw, but aren’t on the list, so he gets out and Truth schoolboys him to reveal it was just a ref and Tozawa throws him in the van and…just forgets to open his door and then gets in and drives away slowly while a ninja runs after him slowly.

Street Profits face Andrade and Garza with Montez running wild in this tornado format. Running blockbuster hits and the lights go weird with Garza leaving with Demi before Retribution attacks everyone. After this attack, WWE makes sure to plug all of their content available on Peacok – as you would normally do after a group attacks your talent. Pearce tells his goons to get to their posts and Shane invites the IIconics to Raw Underground with Duke facing someone and slugging her out. Shafir taps a girl out with a triangle. Peyton shoves Billie onto the ring stage setting up Peyton as the face, maybe? Shafir fakes out a punch and Jess Cro Cop kicks Bllie out. Cedric, Ricochet, and Crews are interviewed about losing and being beaten down. Crews talks to Charly about taking out Lashley tonight in Raw Underground.

Crews and Shelton fight and Crews gets a Kimura and Shelton pushes him to the pile on the floor and both groups go into battle again and the Hurt Business leaves the faces laying, again. Angel and Demi run by the backstage interview ring and Angel tells her that he didn’t leave them, they’re business partners and they’ll be fine. Retribution tails them and tosses a dude…onto a long row of washing machines, as ya do. Instead of continuing to move forward, Angel and Demi are shown just standing there like idiots and Angel runs off leaving Demi to be attacked by Retribution’s female members as she scampers off-screen in heels. Well this was just goofy.

Keith, Seth, and Orton face off for a title shot. The heels beat up Keith, but Keith catches a Seth dive and throws him onto the announce table. Seth superkicks Lee and wants the Stomp, but Lee Spirit Bombs him out of the ring and Orton RKOs Keith. Orton combat rolls over him and covers Seth to win it. And that’s it – no follow-up on Retribution, so I guess Demi clicks her heels together and teleported back home. This was a weird show in that it had lots of stagnant booking, but nothing really stood out beyond the IIconics splitting up with no real build-up before this show.

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