Reasons Why Gamers Purchase Smurf Accounts


Online games continue to capture the interest of a lot of gamers all around the world. The market has to keep up with the demand to produce new and exciting games. Constant releases and updates ensure that gamers will not find their games boring, so there is continuity in their gaming accounts. A gaming behavior that brings more fun and excitement to the world of games is the use of smurf accounts that allow gamers to play while disguised as a newbie. The excitement of doing this makes gaming all the more worth it, reaping a lot of advantages against unknowing opponents. Though it is extremely popular among experienced gamers, it remains a puzzle to others as to why they would do this given their established ranks and skillset.

A Chance to Restart Over Again

Online games are totally unlike real life because there is a lot you can do with your character development that is not possible with a real person. When you have been playing for a long time, you tend to learn a lot about the game itself, and a lot of should have been. You will come across some moments when you think of things you should have done to make your character better, especially when you see what other people have done with theirs. Another possibility is that you want to change into another character other than the one you usually use for your games. This is true, especially for games where you get to maintain a single character for a longer period. Choosing a smurf account will allow you to enjoy the game at a very basic level, giving you a chance to apply all the improvements and changes you want.

A More Carefree Way to Play

Going up the ranks requires you to maintain a good reputation and standing. There is often pressure to play better at each game since you have to prove your expertise to other players, especially those who are in lower ranks than you. Even though you enjoy playing the game, there is a lot of pressure that can hinder you from experiencing it in a pleasurable way. When you buy a smurf account, you get a chance to open a new account for a new start. You can enter the game as a new person and enjoy building your ranks all over again. You can be carefree in your actions, opposite of how restrained you are with your high ranking account. You can enjoy the game more without risking anything. After all, there is nowhere to go but higher up the ranks.

Enjoying the Bonuses that Come with the Account

A lot of smurf accounts come in packages to make sure that the account is likable and attractive to a buyer. Sellers must ensure that the new account will present new opportunities that new gamers will not land on. A great example is a permanent new skin or unlocking new champions. This is what attracts people to buy new accounts because of opportunities like this. They can restart in a better standing compared to how they did the very first time. In LOL accounts, there is a big chance that Blue Essence and Riot Points are part of what comes with your new account, which means the seller can also earn more in the transaction.

Explore other Servers or Regions

Once you open an account, you commit to the same server for a long time. Some ways allow you to change servers or regions, but it often requires a higher point or buying an expensive option from the shop. This can become too expensive for most players, especially those who only play for fun and not professionally. Not only do you need to increase your Riot points, but you also have to use real money to pay. Sometimes, this is not worth it because you will spend more than you need to. If your server is becoming too boring for you because no one can match up your skills, a smurf account is your chance of trying out other regions without spending as much. You can play with a new set of players and be up against better opponents in other servers and regions.

Purchase an Account in a Level you Want

There must be a goal you want to achieve, but the process of acquiring it can be laborious and expensive to some extent. In getting to the rank and champion you want, you can directly buy a smurf account that offers them readily. You save on time, effort, and money in doing so, you can already proceed to enjoy the game. There are a lot of smurf accounts that are in different ranks and have already unlocked different champions. You can look for options and only settle for one you like best.

Practice Strategy and Techniques

In real games, there is little opportunity for a player to learn new skills and techniques. Practicing while playing puts a risk of loss, especially if the move you want to do is something you have never done before. Gamers at really high ranks cannot afford to explore new things when playing because they can appear unskilled if what they are trying to do does not work the way they want to. In the game of LOL, there is a long learning curve where you can master certain techniques only with more practice and experience. One of the advantages of purchasing LoL Smurfs is that you can practice and spend as much time as you need to perfect a move without risking anything. You will not have a history of losing to an opponent, and you can surprise other players upon doing it in an actual game.


To Kill Time While Waiting

There are a lot of events that happen in online games. Some people wait for it in anticipation, while others look forward to playing these games more than the others. This is true, especially among players who like to bet some cash or put something at stake. Though it is common and a must, events do not happen all the time. Sometimes, players have to wait just to join an event, and others feel bored or have nothing to do while they are waiting. When you have a Smurf account, you can have something to do while waiting out the time. It can save you from boredom while putting you in the best condition to play. Think of it as the pre-game before doing the big games. It’s an opportunity for you to make sure that you are in the mood of playing.

Gain Confidence in Playing

Players who suffer a long streak of losing in games often lose their mood and confidence in playing. There is also a lot of pressure, especially when a gamer is already high ranking. The more you try to play in a bad mood, you tend to make bad decisions that can compromise the results.  Losing confidence in games is one of the reasons why some people find it difficult to rank higher. They feel intimidated when facing new strong opponents even when the games haven’t started yet. If you have a smurf account, you can mostly play with other players who are lower than you. If you experience winning against these other players, you can gain more confidence and even new sets of skills once you go back to your real account. This provides an opportunity for a more victorious game, and even losing won’t hurt so bad since you do not have a reputation to maintain yet.

Play with Friends Who are in a Different Rank

Most of the time, a group of friends play the same games because it is an opportunity for them to play and bond together. The problem is that some of your friends may be in a different rank than you. This means you will not be able to play with them, and they have to earn new rankings to play with you. If you want to play with people in lower ranks because your friends are there, you can use a smurf account, so you don’t have to wait for them to get better. This is great, especially for people who are just new to the game while their friends have already been playing for a long time. As a player, you can maintain your account playing with strangers, while having an alternative account where you can play with your friends in real life. This is also one way of showing support to your friend because you can even teach your friends how to play by being in an actual game. You can share the techniques and moves you have learned over the years to someone who has little experience in playing the game.

Buying a smurf account presents a lot of advantages and opportunities for a player. They get to explore using a different account while learning and enjoying it at the same time. It’s a strategy that gamers use to improve on their skills and experience new ways of enjoying the game they like.





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