Pull List Roundtable 9/9/2020 – Empyre, Death Metal, Hawkman, Oblivion Song & More!

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James Fulton

This week is shaping up to be like those early post-lockdown weeks. Where did all the comics go?

I’m looking forward to reading Empyre: Avengers Aftermath, Marauders, Oblivion Song, X-Factor, and X-Force.

I see that the Justice Society are on the cover of Hawkman. That’s actually pretty tempting, because I miss those characters a lot, but have no idea what is going on in Hawkman or the rest of the DCU. Still, it’s a little week, so that might end up in my hands…

John Babos:  This issue of Hawkman appears to take place in the past with the JSA in their prime.

Fulton: That is even more tempting. I miss the JSA.

Babos: Hawkman has been one of DC’s best and most consistent titles in my opinion since this series’ launch.

Fulton: I’ve been waiting for cheap trades to start showing up at BMV because I want to check this series out. It has looked good.

John Babos

5 books this week.

  • Dark Nights: Death Metal – Trinity Crisis #1
  • Hawkman #27
  • Justice League Odyssey #24
  • Snake Eyes: Deadgame #2
  • Superman #25

Mike Maillaro

A tale of two crossovers….

  • Empyre Aftermath Avengers #1 and Empyre Fallout Fantastic Four #1 – Empyre was one of the best crossovers I have read in a while. It was short, direct, focused, and have plenty of great character moments. Lots of heroes being heroes. I do think the COVID shutdown helped a lot, since it meant a lot of the more pointless tie-ins you usually get in a crossover just didn’t come out. I didn’t expect much from Empyre going in, but for me it was a great success.
  • Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1 – Now, while I have really enjoyed Empyre, Death Metal on the other hand has done nothing for me. It’s been pretty self-contained, but that is about the only good thing I can say about it. It just feels like big vague important-sounding moments strung together without any concern where it’s going or any interest in highlighting any character. It’s pretty to look at, but that has never been enough to sustain my interest in a comic story. I don’t even know what this one-shot is supposed to be about. Trinity Crisis just sounds like someone stuck their hand in the “bag of DC clichés” and pulled out two words and jammed them together.
  • Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special #1 – Ice Cream Man is just about my favorite book image books out. It’s just haunting and sticks with me long after I read each issue. This collects some of the Ice Cream Man shorts Image was putting out during COVID. I am sure it will give me sleepless nights, that is what Ice Cream Man is good at.
  • Hawkman #27 – While not the flashiest book out there, Hawkman has been a great run. Really redefines the character, and I love how it ties everything together. In a lot of ways, I am reminded of James Robinson’s Starman, which is my favorite comic series. You should check out this sleeper book.
  • Ash And Thorn #5
  • Batman And The Outsiders #16
  • Flash #761
  • Nightwing #74
  • Amazing Spider-Man #48
  • Captain Marvel #21
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #14
  • Marauders #12
  • Ravencroft #5 (Of 5)
  • Web Of Venom Wraith #1
  • X-Factor #3
  • X-Force #12
Mike Maillaro is a lifelong Jersey Boy and geek. Mike has been a comic fan for about 30 years from when his mom used to buy him Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures at our local newsstand. Thanks, Mom!! Mike's goal is to bring more positivity to the discussion of comics and pop culture.