DC Comics Universe & Injustice: Year Zero #6 Spoilers & Review: First TWO Or THREE Justice Society Of America (JSA) Deaths By Joker Investigated By Batman?!


DC Comics Universe and Injustice: Year Zero #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

First TWO Or Three Justice Society Of America (JSA) Deaths By Joker Investigated By Batman?!

The issue opens with Batman in New York City investigating the death of the Golden Age Sandman of the JSA!

We then get a flashback a few hours earlier where Joker, now a Lord of Chaos, has…

…taken over the body of the Golden Age Green Lantern and…

…uses it to infiltrate the JSA’s NYC HQ.

The Joker loathes how the Justice League fawns over the JSA and plans to murder the Golden Age Wildcat who Batman looks up to.

The Golden Age Sandman interrupts him wondering why Green Lantern is HQ and not the scheduled Hourman; did the Joker kill him too?

Joker-as-GL asks Sandman to come outside as its not safe to talk there.

In the ally, he tells Sandman that the JSA has been infiltrated by him and then kills him with a Green Lantern ring created dagger!

As the Joker flies away to dispose of the body he learns that the GL ring has a time limit as…

…BOTH the Golden Age Sandman and Golden Age Green Lantern plummet to their deaths!

Still an open question of there is a third death with Golden Age Hourman. On a lighter note, here’s that JSA/JL photo the joker didn’t like.

The Pulse:

Sad about the deaths of two of my fave JSAers, but nonetheless another strong and compelling chapter on story and art. 9 out of 10.

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