Pull List Roundtable 9/16/2020 – Iron Man #1, Stillwater, Spider-Man: Sins Rising & More!

For a full list of these releases, head to ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List.

James Fulton

An interesting looking week, if very Marvel heavy.

  • Iron Man – Christopher Cantwell’s Doctor Doom (which is still on covid-hiatus) started off terrifically, so I’m looking forward to his take on Iron Man. It’s past time for the kind of sober examination of Tony Stark that we saw him apply to Von Doom.
  • Stillwater – This series is written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Ramon Pérez. I don’t need to know anything else to know that I want to read it. I’m always happy to support home town creators, especially when they are this talented and impressive.

I’m also looking forward to new issues of Captain America, Giant-Size X-Men: Storm, Hellions, Immortal Hulk, Once & Future, Outcast, Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader, Thor, and X-Men.

John Babos

4 books this week.

  • Batman #99
  • Bloodshot #8
  • Detective Comics #1027
  • Justice League #53

Mike Maillaro

  • Iron Man #1 – By my quick count, this is the 10th Iron Man #1 we’ve had since 1996, with all but one of those series being less than 35 issues (half of them were less than 20). I know that renumbering has become the norm, but it still is annoying to me as it makes it so hard to keep up with different series. I had never heard of the writer, Christopher Cantell…when I googled him, it came up as “known as The Crying Nazi, is an American neo-Nazi, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, and federal informant.” Turns out that is a different guy entirely. This Christopher Cantell is a filmmaker and wrote last year’s Doctor Doom series. Iron Man seems like it should be an easy comic to write, but very few writers really grab me long term on reading it. Hopefully Cantell can change that.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Sins Of Norman Osborn #1 – Sins Rising hasn’t really done a lot for me, but I did think the premise set up in last issue had potential. If someone could wipe all the evil from Norman Osborn, should that be allowed to happen? The reviews I’ve seen of this issue suggest it’s got some real character-defining moments for Spidey, and I always enjoy those. Hopefully, this can get Sins Rising moving in a better direction.
  • Billionaire Island #6
  • Seven Secrets #2
  • You Look Like Death: Tales From The Umbrella Academy #1
  • Justice League #53
  • Teen Titans #45
  • Sonic The Hedgehog #32
  • Conan Battle For The Serpent Crown #5 (Of 5)
  • Excalibur #12
  • Giant-Size X-Men Storm #1
  • Hellions #4
  • Star Wars #6
  • Star Wars
  • Thor #7
  • X-Men #12
  • X-Men Marvels Snapshot #1