DC Comics & Shazam #15 Spoilers & Review: Shazam Gets A New Power As The Series Ends Strong Even Without Geoff Johns?!

DC Comics and Shazam #15 Spoilers and Review follows.

Shazam Gets A New Power As…

…The Series Ends Strong Even Without Geoff Johns?!

The issue by writer Jeff Loveness and artist Brandon Peterson, after the epic conclusion to Geoff Johns’ run, delivers a final issue that’s very human and has Shazam sound like his alter ego kid Billy Batson.

That includes an interesting in-class moment for Batson and his…

…supply teacher on the importance of the little things and being focussed; sometimes super-heroes are short-sighted.

It forces some contemplation by Billy Batson as Shazam.

The book includes Shazam…

…coming to the aid of his supply teacher…

…in an apartment fire.

While she is saved, her home isn’t and she’s is crushed.

Shazam decides to keep her company and have a meal with her; we then learn of a new power of sorts as not all the time when he says his name Shazam does the lightning bolt come down. It looks like the ‘bolt knows when he means to change personas and when not.

The book ends with Billy Batson telling the supply teacher he contemplated what she said and agrees making her day.

The Pulse:

Solid story and solid art. ‘Nuff said. 9 out of 10.

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