Make Your Gaming Room Look Awesome with These Cool Items

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Every gamer has a dream of how they want their gaming room to look and the things that they want to buy. Unfortunately, most of the things that people want for their gaming rooms might be very expensive. When you plan to buy accessories for your gaming room, it is important to come up with a budget that you are working with and stick to it so that you do not get financial constraints.

It is also advisable to have a shopping list for the items that you want to buy. The items should be in the order of priority with the most important ones coming first. It is also unfortunate that most gamers have created a stereotype that gamers are messy. This does not have to be the case because you can decide to be different and have a clean and organized room.

Having an awesome gaming room is not all about having the best hardware but it also involves organizing these items in a presentable manner. It is also good to regularly clean the room and dust the gaming merchandise. Removing clutter also makes your room to be presentable. You can store the items that you are not using in the store if you do not want to throw them away. This article talks about some of the items that you can get to make your gaming room look cool.

Here are some of the items that you can put in your gaming room to look great:

1.     Headphone Stand

Headphone stands come in many shapes and colors. There are metallic, wooden, and even plastic headphone stands. You can get a cool headphone that matches your style and preference. One advantage of a headphone stand is that it helps to organize your gaming room. When you hang your headphones on the stand, you are removing clutter from the gaming table.

The headphone stands look simple yet sophisticated and also makes you look classy. Your headphones are safer on a stand than on the desk or floor where they can be stepped on. It is also very unlikely that you would spill a drink on the headphones when they are on a stand as compared to when they are on the gaming desk. People get headphone stands for different reasons, some for convenience and safe storage of their headphones while others get them just for show off.

2.     Playmats

If you play cards, you can consider getting a playmat where you place the cards as you play. Playmats come in different designs and colors and you can get one that is custom made for you. Playmats not only make your gaming surface look stylish but they also protect your cards from damage when placed on a rough surface. YourPlayMat has a collection of playmats that you can choose from, so check out their website for more details on what qualities a good playmat should have.

When buying a playmat, it is important to consider its consistency. A good playmat is one which has a smooth surface and therefore will not scratch your cards, damaging them. It is also important to consider the size of the playmat depending on the space that you have and the games that you play on it. The size of the playmat is also important because you want to get one that you can easily fold and fit in your bag or car when you are traveling.

3.     Mouse Pad

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When you are moving your mouse on a rough surface like a table, it gets uncomfortable for your wrist. If you cannot move the mouse easily, you will have poor performance especially if you are playing a game that requires a lot of movement. To reduce this discomfort, you can get a mouse pad. A mouse pad provides a smooth surface where you can move your mouse on and also improves accuracy as you play.

Mouse Pads come in different shapes and sizes. You can have a mouse pad custom-made for you here in the color of your choice. You can also get an extended mouse pad with a smooth surface and this will reduce the friction between the mouse and the pad. In the past, people used books, cardboards, and magazines but these were not very accurate. Mousepads came to provide a smoother, durable, and consistent surface with pinpoint accuracy. Every gamer should consider getting a mouse pad.

4.     LED Lights

When designing your gaming room, it is important to consider getting LED lights. These lights come in different colors and you can choose a color that lightens up your mood. If your gaming room serves different functions like a home office and a gaming space, you can choose lights that change color depending on the work that you are doing.

You may consider a brighter light when you are doing your job and a darker light for when you are playing games and relaxing in this room. When choosing the color of the room, have in mind the color of the walls so that you get a good match for both. You can hang the lights on your walls or at the gaming desk.

5.     Gaming Speakers

If you like loud music or sound when playing, you can get speakers inside your gaming room. The choice of speakers that you get will depend on the budget that you are working with and the size of your gaming room. You may want to get smaller speakers for a smaller gaming room or if you use your gaming room for other work like studying. You should also get speakers that are compatible with your gaming PC.

6.     Gaming Chair

Getting a comfortable gaming chair helps to improve your performance as you play. Gaming chairs support your posture as you play and prevent you from straining your back. When buying a gaming chair, it is important to look for one which has support cushions that protect the curvatures of your spine around the neck and the lumbar regions.

You may consider a gaming chair that is easily adjustable to a comfortable height. Some gaming chairs come with wheels that allow you to spin around. It is also important to get a gaming chair that has armrests that you can adjust up and down or even spin around. You can choose the color of your gaming chair depending on your preference or to match the color of your gaming room.

7.     Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are meant for protecting cards from physical damage. When you are not playing cards, you can place them inside the card sleeves. You can get custom-made sleeve cards that come in the color, print, size, and design of your preference. When you have unique card sleeves, they make your gaming room appear classy and stylish.

The size of your card sleeves will depend on the number of cards that you want to fit in. When buying card sleeves, consider getting ones with a material that can be easily cleaned without physical damage. If you will not be cleaning the card sleeves regularly, you may choose a darker color that does not stain quickly.

8.     Gaming Desk


A gaming desk is the one that holds your gaming PC, the speakers, headsets, and all other gaming accessories. To make your gaming room look awesome, you can get gaming a stylish gaming desk that is unique.

Some of the factors that determine the type and size of the gaming desk that you should get for your room include the budget that you are working with and the amount of space that you have. If you have a small space, you may consider getting a smaller gaming desk with shelves to hold the other accessories.

9.     Compressed Air Duster

For your gaming room to look awesome, it has to be clean. Even if you have amazing gaming merchandise yet your gaming room is filled with clutter, it will not look attractive. Having a clean and well-organized gaming room with fresh air makes you feel comfortable when you are playing or when you are hosting friends.

If you do not enjoy using wipes or table cloths to clean your gaming accessories, you get a compressed air duster that blows away the dust. You can use a compressed air duster to clean the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and other items. This duster is easy to use and does not damage the gaming accessories. It also saves you on time that you could have spent wiping each item.

In conclusion, there are some items that you can get in your gaming room to make it look cool. Some of these items include a headphone stand that holds your headphones and prevents them from getting damage and accidental spills. If you play cards, you can get a playmat where you place your cards as you play. A playmat comes in different designs and colors and it helps you to slide your cards smoothly as you protect them from damage.

Card sleeves are other awesome gaming room accessories that you can get for your cards. Card sleeves protect your cards from physical damage as well as providing an easy way of carrying and storing the cards. When you are playing, you want to be seated on a comfortable gaming chair. If you spend a lot of time in your gaming room, it is important to get a comfortable gaming chair that supports your neck, spine, and arms and is readily adjustable.

Other items that make your gaming room look cool and unique include LED lights and an extended mouse pad that helps you to move your mouse easily while enhancing your accuracy. Even after getting all these items, your gaming room will only look attractive if it is well organized and clean. Consider removing the items that you are not using to create more space in your gaming room.