IDW Publishing Teases Enola Holmes As Netflix Film Series Debuts!

IDW Publishing Teases Enola Holmes As Netflix Film Series Debuts!

IDW and Diamond report.

      It’s Not Too Late To Discover IDW’s ‘Enola Holmes’ Before The Netflix Debut

      …Enola Holmes, an upcoming film starring Stranger Things’s Millie Bobby Brown as Enola, the younger — and every bit as clever — sister of Sherlock Holmes.

      Based on a beloved Edgar-nominated book series by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes tells the story of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’s rebellious teen sister Enola, a gifted super-sleuth in her own right who often outsmarts her brilliant siblings. When her mother, the Lady Eudoria Vernet Holmes, mysteriously disappears on her 16th birthday, Enola seeks help from her older brothers. But soon realizing they’re less interested in solving the case than in packing her off to finishing school, Enola does the only thing a smart, resourceful and fearless young 1880s woman can do — she runs away to London to find her mother. Meeting a cast of memorable characters along the way, Enola’s caught in the middle of a conspiracy that could alter the course of political history. Enola Holmes puts a dynamic new female twist on the world’s greatest detective and his brilliant family.

      Sherlock Holmes and mystery aficiondaos interested in Enola Holmes can also check out IDW Publishing’s series of graphic novel adaptations of Nancy Springer’s series. Adapted by French artist Serena Blasco, these charming hardcover graphics albums from IDW’s EuroComics imprint will deslight any fan of the novels and film.

      Debuting on Netflix on September 23, Enola Holmes is directed by Fleabag’s Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag) and Millie Bobby Brown (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Stranger Things), Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games films), Adeel Akhtar (The Big Sick), Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve), Frances de la Tour (Into the Woods), Louis Partridge (Medici), Burn Gorman (Torchwood), Susan Wokoma (Crazyhead), with Henry Cavill (Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Man of Steel, The Witcher), and two-time Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown, The King’s Speech, The Wings of the Dove, the Harry Potterfilms).

      In comic shops now, Serena Blasco’s Enola Holmes graphic novels are the perfect companion to the forthcoming film.

          (W) Serena Blasco (A/CA) Serena Blasco

          Prepare to meet Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister! EuroComics proudly presents the first volume of a new all-ages series, ENOLA HOLMES, VOL. 1: THE CASE OF THE MISSING MARQUESS. This graphic novel series is based on the best-selling novels by Nancy Springer, adapted by Serena Blasco.

          Enola is the much-younger sister of the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes. Raised by her mother on the family’s country manor, she wakes on her 14th birthday to discover that her mother has disappeared, leaving only a collection of flowers and a coded message book. With Sherlock and Mycroft determined to ship her off to a boarding school, Enola escapes, displaying a cleverness that even impresses the elder Sherlock.

          But nothing prepares her for what lies ahead. Her journey quickly leads her into the dark and sordid neighborhoods of London and she finds herself involved in the kidnapping of a young marquess. Will Enola evade her two brothers and succeed in her new independent life, even as she continues to follow her mother’s trail?

          This delightfully drawn graphic novel adaptation also includes a portfolio of pages from Enola’s secret notebook.

          SRP: $14.99


          Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister returns to solve another mystery in ENOLA HOLMES, VOL. 2: THE CASE OF THE LEFT-HANDED LADY, by Serena Blasco, based on the book series by Nancy Springer! Enola has more tricks up her sleeve this time around as she stays one step ahead of her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft!

          Enola Holmes is the much-younger sister of the celebrated detective, Sherlock Holmes. Hiding from Sherlock and her other brother Mycroft, who want to place her in a boarding school since their mother’s disappearance, Enola has reinvented herself as Ivy Meshle, secretary to the fictitious Dr. Ragostin, specialist in finding missing persons.

          Her new client? None other than Sherlock’s friend, Dr. John Watson! His mission: to employ Dr. Ragostin to find the missing Enola! She decides to take the case, only so she can keep tabs on Sherlock’s every move to locate her.
          Yet Ivy Meshle is just one of Enola’s disguises. In her search for a missing teenager, the Lady Cecily Alistair, she alternately poses as Lady Ragostin, wife of her non-existent employer, and as “Sister,” the kindly nun who braves the dangerous nighttime alleys to bring comfort to the homeless. All the time she and Sherlock play a game of cat and mouse…until the surprise ending when Enola hides in the one place Sherlock won’t think of looking.

          This beautifully drawn graphic novel adaptation also includes a portfolio of pages from Enola’s secret notebook.

          SRP: $14.99

          (W) Serena Blasco, Nancy Springer (A/CA) Serena Blasco

          Can Enola crack her latest case and find a missing Dr. John Watson before her famous older brother, Sherlock? The adventures continue in these beguiling graphic novel adaptations of Nancy Springer’s mystery series.

          Enola is still hiding from her older brothers Sherlock and Mycroft, who want to place her in a boarding school since their mother’s disappearance. Looking for a new disguise, she finds just what she needs in a theatrical costume shop. This time, no old woman or ingenious girl will do as she transforms herself into an elegant and refined lady. When she questions Mrs. Watson about her husband’s disappearance, Enola notices a strange bouquet. It is here that she has the upper hand on Sherlock. Enola’s mother taught her about the secret language of flowers. The meaning of the bouquet is “bad luck,” “death,” and “revenge”! Can she locate Dr. Watson in time?

          SRP: $14.99


The Enola Holmes books are available now as is the new TV series on Netflix.

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