DC Comics & Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse’s End #1 Spoilers & Review: Rainbow Batman Corps Debuts As Justice Incarnate & Crime Syndicate Return! Zero Hour & Crisis(s) Connected!


DC Comics and Dark Nights: Death Metal: Multiverse’s End #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Rainbow Batman Corps Debuts As Justice Incarnate and Crime Syndicate Return!

Zero Hour and Crisis(s) Connected!

Green Lantern John Stewart of Earth 0’s Justice League is captured by Owlman of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate.

We then get a bit of history lesson told by Owlman to his captive intended to make all of DC’s crisis events, Zero Hour, Multiversity and the OG Dark Nights: Metal series all fit continuity wise.

Owlman also resents the Batman Who Laughs as he sees himself as Batman’s most evil opposite.

Elsewhere we see Justice Incarnate battle the Crime Syndicate as the…

…history lesson goes back Krona and that mythical hand, steeped in DC lore, that created the multiverse.

We then see Perpetua being trapped in the Source Wall by her sons the Monitor, Anti-Monitor and World Forger.

What would follow would the be original Crisis on Infinite Earths pitting two of the brothers against each other Monitor vs. Anti-Monitor, as the multiverse was threatened.

During the modern day battle between Justice Incarnate and the Crime Syndicate, Perpetua and the Darkest Knight send the Rainbow Batman Corps, led by a Bat-Mite it would seem, to help the Crime Syndicate!

Owlman’s history lesson continues by connecting…

…Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis and Dark Nights: Metal events to…

…Perpetua growing cracks in her Source Wall prison until she is freed!

Green Lantern tells Owlman that he isn’t the first Owlman due to the various Crisis events.

He wants proof so he gets it…

…by way of a digital Harbinger.

Interestingly, Owlman is gratified to know that even though he’s not the first, every multiverse has an Owlman. So, he decides to free Green Lantern and help him. As he’s the self proclaimed greatest strategist in the multiverse, he already rigged each of the tuning fork towers on the few remaining Earths of the multiverse “just in case”.

He sets them all of even…

…the last one in sacrificial style.

The book ends with Perpetua furious and…

…the heroes surfing the Bleed home into…

…the Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Rise of the New God #1 that hits stores on October 27 / 28, 2020.

The Pulse:

A compelling issue laying the groundwork for heroes and villains rising up to take down the Batman Who Laughs, now evolved to the Doctor Manhattan powered Darkest Knight, and Perpetua. Engaging story with stylized art that may not be for everyone. 7.5 out of 10.

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