DC Comics & Legion Of Super-Heroes #9 Spoilers & Review: A Great Darkness Is Coming As Trial Continues With More Exposed About Monster Boy, Doctor Fate & Gold Lantern!

DC Comics and Legion Of Super-Heroes #9 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Great Darkness Is Coming As Trial Continues With More Exposed About Monster Boy…

…Doctor Fate and…

…Gold Lantern!

We get some pretty cool covers for book including…

…an innovative main cover.

LOSH’s Shadow Lass gives the opening monologue to get readers caught up on the last eight issues…

…by United Planets President R.J. Brande who explains the trail of the Legion of Super-Heroes before them.

The evidence includes videos (they have a future word for that) revealing the auditions of various members of the LOSH including Monster Boy who readers learn more about.

Ultra Boy’s father, the ruler of their planet and the one who wants the LOSH prosecuted, delivers his son to the trial; Ultra Boy is also the leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes having been elected to the role.

We do get some counter videos of other Legionnaires as cases for the team; including a way to project the dreams of Dream Girl that reveals a Great Darkness is coming.

LOSH’s Doctor Fate joins the trail and…

…reveals more about the coming darkness.

As he/it speaks, LOSH villain Mordru’s daughter is revealed to be a legionnaire, but not the source of the darkness to come…

…as she becomes a force for good at the trial revealing the deviousness of Ultra Boy’s father.

Gold Lantern subdues him as the trial is declared over.

The LOSH disperse and Superboy and Saturn Girl make out.

This was a creators-stacked issue.

The Pulse:

This trial was a bit anti-climatic, confusing and convoluted over its two issues; the end of trial seemed bizarre. However, the issue did fill a bit epic with the various artists contributing. Still some page changes were jarring as the art styles were so different in some cases. A bit wordy of an issue, but the plot was compelling and what’s next for LOSH intriguing. 5.5 out of 10.

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