Hasbro PulseCon 2020: Marvel Legends

The Marvel Legends team was on hand for the Hasbro PulseCon, and showed off quite a few new figures! They revealed the next full wave of Legends, as well as a sneak peak into an early 2021 wave and some exclusives coming later this year.

Gamerverse Wave 2 (Fall 2020):
-Captain America (Video Game)
-Atmosphere Armor Iron Man (Video Game)
-Build-a-Figure: Joe Fixit (Video Game)

Into the Spider-Verse (Early 2021):
-Miles Morales (Spider-Verse)
-Ghost Spider (Spider-Verse)
-Hand Ninja
-Build-a-Figure: Stilt Man

House of X (Early 2021):
-Professor Xavier
-Moira MacTaggert

Bring on the Bad Guys (2021):

-Classic Thanos

Target Exclusive:
-Retro Gambit
-Retro Rogue

Walgreens Exclusive:
-Dark Silver Surfer

Hasbro Pulse Exclusive:
Hellfire Club Guard

Sneak Peak:

Right now, the only thing that is available for pre-order is the Joe Fixit wave, which can be ordered at the following online locations:

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