DC Comics & Wonder Woman #763 Spoilers & Review: The Curious Fates Of Maxwell Lord & His Daughter New Villain Liar Liar!

DC Comics and Wonder Woman #763 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Curious Fates Of Maxwell Lord and…

…His Daughter New Villain Liar Liar!

Well, Liar Liar, Wonder Woman’s new neighbour, has outed herself as (1) the villain behind the current arc and (2) Maxwell Lord’s daughter.

Using tech she stole from her father’s company she uses in conjunction with her mental powers, inherited from dad, to do more.

We also learn in flashbacks that she was not a good kid as she actually caused her mom’s death with her innate powers.

In modern day, Maxwell Lord helps Wonder Woman by using his powers to convince her she can’t hear Liar Liar…

…making his daughter’s powers moot, for a time.

Father uses his powers in the end to convince his daughter that she has no powers and the battle is won.

We end the book with the government believing Maxwell Lord deserves a “working parole”…

…so it appears that…

…Wonder Woman has a new partner?!

The Pulse:

An interesting first arc from the new creative team. Liar Liar wasn’t that compelling of a villain in the end, but served her purpose as adding layers to Maxwell Lord and setting up his seemingly continuing role in the series. Decent art. 6.5 out of 10.

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