Marvel Comics & Fantastic Four #24 Spoilers & Review: Franklin Richards Joins X-Men As Secret History Of Iceman Replacing Human Torch On FF Revealed!

Marvel Comics and Fantastic Four #24 Spoilers and Review follows.

Franklin Richards Joins X-Men As…

…Secret History Of Iceman Replacing Human Torch On FF Revealed!

The book has at least 10 variant covers including the above second print “variant”.

Plus there is a pretty sweet main cover.

Looks like Franklin Richards aka Powerhouse is a member of the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Iceman aka Bobby Drake brings Richards home where he and the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm relive the time Iceman was a member of the FF?!

The Human Torch had a disagreement with the team back then and left.

At the same time Iceman felt inferior on the X-Men and left his team.

Iceman stumbles on the FF in a melee and joins them to assist them then and…

…in several other adventures.

Human Torch finds out, gets jelly, and joins in a battle that Iceman is assisting them team.

They work together, so its a Fantastic Five of sorts, and…

…win the day with Professor X Charles Xavier calling Iceman home afterwards.

Then in modern day we eat!

BTW, if folks are curious where Alex Ross’ Iceman Timeless variant cover will see print, as a bit of a companion piece to the Human Torch one with this issue, it will adorn the variant cover of Marauders #13 out on October 7, 2020.

The Pulse:

A cool done-in-one story bridging the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Nice drama and action. Great art. Fun and entertaining. Too many variant covers though. 8 out of 10.

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