Marvel Comics & X-Factor #4 Spoilers & Review: X Of Swords Part 2 40-Page Effort Sees Professor X Charles Xavier Unmasked & A Mutant Death That Cannot Be Undone & Resurrected?!

Marvel Comics and X-Factor #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

X Of Swords Part 2 40-Page Effort Sees Professor X Charles Xavier Unmasked and A Mutant Death That Cannot Be Undone and Resurrected?!

The book has a few more variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

We open with a storyline catch-up and dramatis personae page.

Saturnye wants no more intruders on Otherworld so she closes the Eternal Gate.

Apocalypse remains wounded by his children and they even pull him into his mind to battle him there.

Polaris and Professor X go to The Five, who are responsible for mutant resurrections, to determine how they prioritize resurrections during this time of war.

They don’t have a protocol, but will resurrect…

…Rictor and Rockslide, but…

…something goes wrong with…

…far-reaching effects including…

…the rare unmasking of Professor X; so it IS him.

The Five were offline for a bit and now are back online and…

…realize their resurrection protocol only works on mutant death on Earth…

…not on Otherworld.

Rictor seems ok, but Rockslide dies for good it seems and Polaris, in mourning, uses his remains to create Saturnye’s casting circle for the Earth’s 10 sword wielding champions…

…that Magick tests out.

Next week we have three issues of X of Swords.

Here’s the full event checklist.

The Pulse:

Another big issue of X of Swords that sets up the premise and important touchpoints for the battle(s) to come. Still a bit convoluted, but decent art. I remain intrigued. 6 out of 10.

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