WWE Raw 10/5/20 Recap – RETRIBUTION Gains Power

Tom Phillips welcomes us to the Thunderdome and his PR spiel before recapping Orton beating up the legends. Drew teams with the Street Profits against Orton, Dolph, and Roode. We get a long, bland Orton promo backstage as he recaps the PPV and the legends. The clips throughout this really did help keep things at least visually interesting, because Orton’s verbiage was terrible. Randy talks about everything he did to the legends in shockingly quick time given all the events that had to happen in the time the screen was dark. Drew thankfully jumps him in his locker room and clearly wants the Hell in a Cell match too. Mandy, Dana, and Asuka face Lana, Nattie, and Zelina Vega. Zelina ties up Mandy on the mat before Lana tags in and eats the pump knee strike from Mandy to end it.

Nia and Shayna beat them up before Nia Samoan drops her through the announce table. Truth and Little Jimmy have a mock draft before getting cradled and beaten by a janitor for the 24/7 Title. It’s Drew who welcomes him to next fall. MVP meets with Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo before MVP says there’s an opening in the Hurt Business. Seth and Murphy face Dominik and Humberto. BUT FIRST, we have to get story time from Murphy and Seth. Murphy talks back to Seth about doing what Seth asks but now he’s crossed the line. He needs an apology – but not to him, to Aaliyah. We get some sixth grade drama school stuff about her issues and Seth fakes playing the high road and insults Murphy in the process and says DISCIPLE-MESSIAH to belittle him.

The heels get quick near-falls off of distractions before Humberto flip dives onto them before jumping into a V trigger to end it. So we’ve got two people doing the V trigger as a finish on the same show. Braun bitches to Adam Pearce and says he wants a match or he’ll just wreck the locker room. Pearce says that Braun doesn’t belong here – but he can give him an unsanctioned match. Seth and Murphy argue more backstage and Seth demands an apology from him. KO Show with Bray is up, so I guess the KO Show is just able to be on both shows due to the Bray feud. The Bray gang sings before Bray says bye to Raw. Aleister Black jumps KO and takes him out with Black Mass.

Backstage, Drew talks to Randy and accepts the Cell match. Braun comes out to face Keith Lee, with no build in a match that in-canon means nothing. This could be a Universal or WWE Title match on PPV and it’s just here for no reason. Lee’s out in dark green shorts and black top before they just brawl on the floor and they fight to a double countout and Braun bodyblocks him through the barricade. They fight on the ramp and Keith tosses him into the set’s LEDs and running spears him off the stage through some stuff.

Bianca has game night to show that she’s the smartEST. Drew Gulak and Tozawa meet in the back before Truth jumps into a dumpster with them and we get some unseen action before Truth regains it.  The Hurt Business is out and MVP talks about his rivals being talented – but they don’t win the fight. Shelton and Lashley face Ricochet and Apollo, with Shelton locking on a nice omaplata to Ricochet and we see the Seth and Murphy apology deadline. Lashley gets the Full Hurt on Apollo for the tapout. Backstage, Murphy stands stoic and moves his fingers a bit. Riveting.

Seth gets his full, boring intro again for yet another talking segment with Murphy. He tells Murphy to apologize before they brawl and Murphy turns face. Again. Maybe. Seth eats a few kendo stick shots and apologizes before Seth jumps him and digs at the eyes and canes him before Dom and Aaliyah make a save. Shayna and Nia face the Riott Squad and Ruby takes a ton of abuse on the arm from Shayna before Liv tags in and runs wind before Nia comes in and gets kneed in the jaw. Shayna comes in and gets double stomped for 2. Shayna gets the Kirafuda clutch on Ruby for the tap while Nia traps Liv. Street Profits and Drew walk backstage while Tom talks about the Perfect Whopper.

MVP faces Ali in a slow match that plays to MVP’s pace. The Hurt Business comes in to attack him before The Group That Calls Itself Retribution is out and Ali goes back to back with the Hurt Business. Ali goes out with Dijak and Dio Madden to join them and Ali sics them on the Hurt Business. Ali is now the leader of Retribution – which could go very well for him, especially if they take the goofy names away from the acts in it. The main event six-man features Orton acting as a great base for the Profits so they look strong in highlights beating up a legend. Drew claymores Dolph and Roode before eating an RKO to give Orton a win.

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