Marvel Comics & Marauders #13 Spoilers & Review: X Of Swords Part 5 Sees Storm Go Back To Her Thief Roots Vs. Her Ex-Husband Black Panther & His Family In Wakanda?!

Marvel Comics and Marauders #13 Spoilers and Review follows.

X Of Swords Part 5 Sees Storm Go Back To Her Thief Roots Vs…

…Her Ex-Husband Black Panther and His Family In Wakanda?!

The book opens with a dramatis personae and storyline catch-up page.

Storm needs the Wakanda’s Skybreaker swords for the X of Swords contest to come.

Then we get some history of the sword.

That leads to Storm going to Wakanda to visit the Royal Family.

They want to help, but…

…the Skybreaker sword is a no-go.

Later, Storm goes back to her thief roots…

…to steal the sword…

…but is confronted by the Black Panther’s sister who…

…she defeats.

The Blank Panther, Storm’s ex-husband joins the fray at the end and…

…grudgingly allows her to leave with the Skybreaker sword; he also has the Krakoan gate removed so that any mutant mist travel in normal channels to visit Wakanda.

The book ends with Wolverine and Magick greeting Storm; the first sword-bearers wait for the rest to come.

Plus, here’s the 1/2 of the checklist for this 22 part event that sees 3 more parts out next week.

The Pulse:

Not really a Marauders story, but very cool to see Storm vs. Wakanda. Decent art in an overall fun issue. 7.5 out of 10.

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