WWE Raw 10/26/20 Recap

A cell PPV recap video airs before a new Eminem song sets off the “new era” of Raw. Drew chats for a bit before Miz in a bright blue suit and Morrison come down and he threatens them as they put over his wins as WWE Champion. Morrison says he hopes it doesn’t take Drew 19 more years to get a title shot – and man does that make Drew seem older than he is. Drew headbutts Miz and then slugs Morrison. AJ’s out with Jordan for a Survivor Series qualifier. AJ says Jordan doesn’t like to be noticed or talked to. Jeff dives onto AJ, but Jordan catches him and tosses him into the ring. Jeff wants a twist on the apron, but AJ posts him and hits the forearm to end it. Elias jumps him with his guitar. Truth says his full name is R-Franklin Dangerously Cobblepot-Truth before a Komen video airs. Drew and Tozawa are now a team, sure against the the Lucha House Party. We get some back and forth before Truth comes down before everyone just tries to pin him. Lince pins Drew and Truth escapes more cradles on the floor.

Bray is the Mad Hatter in the funhouse and brings in Lexi and then the Fiend changes her for a bit and she talks about her friendly chat tonight with Orton. Bray bonks the bunny to death with a mallet – but not the Fiend’s giant mallet – gotta save that one for PPVs. Keith Lee says Braun says he’s a monster, but he’ll show him what a monster is the next time they face off. Adam Pearce talks to Nia and Shayna about a list of partners for the Survivor Series. Elias sings before facing Keith Lee, whose gear gets less-complimentary with each week. Elias sends him down and goes for the flying elbow, but Jeff’s music distracts him and Keith wins with a spirit bomb. Jeff lays Elias out with a guitar – this is all riveting and Keith Lee is just barely above Elias on the depth chart.

Orton cuts a short, boring promo backstage before we get a Hurt Business-Retribution video. We get a four on four elimination match here and not on the PPV built around them, because sure why not. MVP loses after Mia Yim has weird acting seizures and he gets schoolboyed by Slapjack, who needs help to beat the semi-retired manager. Mia keeps this act up for a while before Lashley takes out Slapjack with the all mighty spear. T-Bar and Lashley brawl to a countout. Mace it taken out with a neuralizer/paydirt combo – making Ali go 1-on-2. Ali hits Cedric with a chair, so the Hurt Business wins by DQ.

Dana and Mandy chat with Nia and Shayna, with Nia asking if they’re getting Punk’d here in the year 2020. Drew faces Miz and takes out Morrison before claymoring Miz. Well that sure kills all of Miz’s credibility as Mr. MITB and being a guy who has to be rebuilt as a main eventer again. Street Profits and Asuka do the New Day Rocks bit in front of the Hurt Business. Drew days he’ll do whatever he has to do to regain his title. We get a four way women’s match with Lana, Peyton, Nikki, and Lacey – with Lana yanking Royce off the top and winning before Nia puts her through another table.

Ali wants the Hurt Business at the PPV and promises to shut them down. Riddle is mid-ring with a jobber intro and then goes back and forth with Sheamus WHO BEATS THE SHOOT FIGHTER with a brogue kick. Unreal. Riddle is just dead on the main roster. Alexa’s out with Orton and she does this creepy bit acting like a kid before Drew comes in and brawls with Orton. The red lights hit and the Fiend appears behind Orton and we get more of a Drew and Orton brawl with Drew slightly getting the better of him before the show just kinda ends.

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