DC Comics & Batman: Three Jokers #3 Spoilers & Review: Which Of Twenty-Eight Jokers Is Left Standing? Plus Joker Jr., Batman: The Killing Joke & Joe Chill?!

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DC Comics and Batman: Three Jokers #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

Which Of Twenty-Eight Jokers Is Left Standing? Plus Joker Jr., Batman: The Killing Joke and Joe Chill?!

The book has a few variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

This 50 page epic finale begins with a recap of the “three” Jokers, one of whom is dead at Red Hood’s hand, as…

…we zoom out to at least twenty-eight other Jokers…

…that Batman, Batgirl and former Robin II now Red Hood are examining.

Batman identifies when we feels he encountered the core three Jokers separately in his time crimefighting and…

…that he believes one of them is the real Joker.

Now on the case, he goes to Blackgate Prison as a dying Joe Chill has been kidnapped by a Joker.

Looks like he was writing letters to Bruce Wayne, but never sent them; he was repentant event before his sickness kicked in over killing his parents.

As part of the letters, is an invite from the Joker to Batman to the theater Bruce Wayne last saw his parents in before they were killed.

As an aside, despite still bubbling with anger under the surface, Red Hood is somewhat repentant with Batgirl over his killing of one of the three Jokers and commits to not kill the rest.

Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood arrive at the theater…

…where Joker has Joe Chill and Jokers swarm the Bat-sidekicks.

We get a bit of a confession from Joe Chill; he knew who the Waynes were and was envious of their lot of life.

Joker wants Joe Chill to becomes THE Joker…

…the one that means the most to Batman / Bruce Wayne and thinks the chemicals in the vat might actually cure Joe Chill’s cancer?

We also have Batgirl seemingly try to end the circle of the Killing Joke by shoving the camera into that Joker’s face.

Elsewhere, the other Joker’s lighter ignited the vat of chemicals, and he tosses Joe Chill into the flaming vat, but…

…Batman saves Chill and takes down the Joker.

Joe Chill, like the Joker, seems to know Batman is Bruce Wayne and he’s seemingly genuinely apologetic over killing his parents.

The book begins to end with…

…the Killing Joke’s “comedian” Joker killing the “criminal” Joker; with the death of the “Clown” Joker, we have one Joker left standing.

The book continues to end with a narcissist Joker wanting to Batman’s world.

The actual end of the book has Bruce Wayne is Alaska checking in on Joker’s family; his wife, who he thinks is dead, and…

…their son, a Joker Jr. of sorts; Batman has known the identity of the Joker since first meeting him, but hasn’t told the Batman Family until telling Alfred Pennyworth here.

The Pulse:

Awesome art, lots of action and drama, in a satisfying end to a long simmering story. 8 out of 10.

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