WWE Raw 11/2/20 Recap – Miz & Morrison Face McIntyre

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Orton comes out slowly and talks slowly about being a legend. Alexa comes down and stares at him before THE FIEND’s lighting hits and Drew claymores him down. Miz tries to cash in with Morrison before Drew beats them up. Morrison of all people mocks Drew’s promo style and they challenge Drew to a handicap match. Elias sings for a bit before the guitar on a pole match with Jeff Hardy, who poetry in motions him on the floor. Jeff climbs and Elias throws a stool at him before Jeff sends him down and Jeff gets the guitar for a flying guitar shot to the back for the win. Elias worked without a shirt here – so I guess he feels better about his torn pec affecting his chest forever.

Dana and Mandy face Nia and Shayna, leading to Dana getting locked in the Kirafuda clutch before a cradle gets 2 for Dana. Dana gets choked out and Randy says he’ll remind Drew of the RKO soon enough. Truth faces Lashley and Truth just lays down for him – but it’s a misdirection so he can slug him. Spear and the Hurt Lock end it. Drew wants the 24/7 Title, but gets beaten up by Lashley. The Lucha House Party meets with Jordan and AJ with AJ saying that he’ll be the captain of Team Raw. We get back and forth promos with Sheamus and Keith Lee with Sheamus wanting to take out Braun. AJ tells Adam Pearce that we should get a triple threat with everyone but him and if Braun wins, he can get on Team Raw.

Keith hits a scary flip dive before everyone just clubs away. Keith wants a Spirit Bomb, but a brogue kick takes Lee out and Sheamus is powerslammed to end it. Sheamus kicks Braun before AJ cheapshots Keith. Angel Garza cuts a promo on romance. We get a swear jar being filled up on the Funhouse. Drew says he’s ALL ABOUT PUTTING SMILES ON FACES and he’s got a 2 for 1 special – claymores for all. Bray dedicates the show to RKO. The creepy female puppet tells Randy to go…do something to himself. Alexa tells her it’s time for the swear jar before being told what she can do to herself, drawing a yowie wowie. Okay, Alexa is great in this goofy role. Bray flashes back to Randy burning down the swamp house and doing THE ORTON POSE. The Fiend doesn’t forget. Alexa’s tongue goes all long and jello-y getting an “oh shit!” out of Bray. This was the best Funhouse bit in ages.

Nia faces Lana and destroys her before of course, Samoan dropping her through the announce table. MVP chats with Truth before Truth leaves and the Hurt Business is mid-ring and says that the New Day’s time has come. We get some annoying banter from the New Day, which has a lot less spark without Big E. Shelton hotshots Woods into a neuralizer and Paydirt GETS A WIN IN 2020! Nikka tells Alexa that she’s stronger than the Fiend before getting a set of creepy eyes staring back at her. Ricochet faces Tucker in his best 1990 AWA jobber gear. Recoil ends it before THE GROUP THAT CALLS ITSELF RETRIBUTION attacks. Drew chats with Sheamus in his best pub gear. Drew faces Miz and Morrison, who at least lands an outside-in tornillo dive for 2. Drew flip dives onto them and claymores Miz to win. Orton jumps him with an RKO to close things out.