Marvel Comics & Marauders #14 Spoilers & Review: X Of Swords Part 13 Poison, Death & A Wolverine Are On The Menu?!

Marvel Comics and Marauders #14 Spoilers and Review follows.

X Of Swords Part 13…

…Poison, Death and A Wolverine Are On The Menu?!

We open with a bit of storyline catch-up along with a dramatis personae on the same page.

Looks like Saturnye is holding…

…a banquet for the swordbearers…

…of Arrako and Krakoa.

Wolverine is unimpressed with the hosts and festivities and feels that Saturnye longs for Captain Avalon, but…

…he won’t give into that because he’s married which throws Wolverine off.

Elsewhere, the X-Men mutants of Krakoa test which hand is favored by a fighter for Arrako and she’s ambidextrous.

She tries to turn on the tables and mutant magic ensues.

Storm dances with death in the pale moonlight and tells him she does not fear him, but she knows him.

The book ends with the meal to begin…

…Wolverine to be poisoned, but…

…he goes into a berserker rage even without the poisoning?!

The up-to-date X of Swords checklist caps this issue off.

The Pulse:

Not that much action, but lots of drama and intrigue in the issue. Unexpected ending. Solid art. Entertaining. 6 out of 10.

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