Marvel Comics & Marauders #15 Spoilers & Review: X Of Swords Part 14 With Unexpected Fallout From Wolverine’s Killing Of Saturnye & More!

Marvel Comics and Marauders #15 Spoilers and Review follows.

X Of Swords Part 14 With…

…Unexpected Fallout From Wolverine’s Killing Of…

…Saturnye and More!

We open with the consequences of Wolverine killing Saturnye through a storyline catch-up and dramatis personae page.

It’s all gone to hell, but…

…Saturnye lives?!

We then get the real storyline catch-up and dramatis personae page for the issue?!

The murder never really happened, but not for a lack of trying by Wolverine.

We then deal with the poison in Wolverine’s appetized put there by a rival swordbearer that Cypher ate instead!

Cypher has trouble breathing so Isca gives him a makeshift tracheotomy!

However, not all of the X-Men’s rival swordbearers find poisoning noble so…

…they heal him.

Captain Avalon tries to have Saturnye award the contest to the X-Men as their rivals cheated, but while she was open to that she notes that Wolverine tried to kill her so both teams were not noble.

The book ends with Saturnye using the Tarot cards to determine the first contest and…

…it’s Captain Britain vs. Isca.

The Pulse:

Awesome art and storyline twist. Looks like the rubber is hitting the road. 6 out of 10.

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