DC Comics & Detective Comics #1030 Spoilers & Review: Damian Wayne Robin Returns As Batman Family Targeted By Gotham City’s Anti-Mask Mob?!

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DC Comics and Detective Comics #1030 Spoilers and Review follows.

Damian Wayne Robin Returns…

…As Batman Family HUNTED By…

…Gotham City’s Anti-Mask Mob?!

The book opens with a terrifying dream sequence involving Batman and his lost eye haunting former GCPD officer Chris Nakano who is running for mayor for Gotham City.

There are some teases in his bedroom with masks on his headboard that tease he “may” be new anti-vigilante villain or anti-hero the Mirror, but what we learn for sure is that he is committed to transparency among vigilantes so Gotham City can be safe.

Elsewhere, Batman meets with the Batman Family who tell him that in their patrol trying to protect Gotham City they have been attacked by its citizens in anti-mask frenzy as fallout from the Joker War.

Earlier in the issue he was recounting how Damian Wayne quit being Robin and now he asks his allies if they have heard from him or seen him; they say “no”.

Interestingly, Batman through Nightwing called this rooftop meeting and Nightwing thought Batman did, but it seems that perhaps the Mirror did because ant-mask citizens attack the Batman Family!

Now there were quite a few flashback pages in this issue involving Damian Wayne Robin, but…

…there are modern day appearances too…

…to end the book with…

…son working to help father on a case perhaps trying to find out who the Mirror is?

The Pulse:

An intriguing issue with a new dynamic for Gotham City setting in post Joker War. Solid story with art that isn’t wholly to my liking. When will this book get a regular artist? That said, nice to see Damian Wayne back. 5 out of 10.

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