Pull List Roundtable 11/11/2020 – Resident Alien, Kick-Ass Vs Hit-Girl #1, Death Metal, & More

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James Fulton

  • Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here – I’ve loved this series. It’s about an alien who has been stranded on Earth, so he’s created a life for himself as a small-town doctor who solves mysteries on the side. The series of miniseries has been very intelligent and a cool blend of genres. I imagine that this one must be either the last, or second to last, in the series, as things have been building to the alien being exposed for a while now.
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Excalibur, Iron Man, Marauders, Oblivion Son, Rai, Star Wars: Darth Vader, We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, and Wolverine.

Mike Maillaro

  • Kick-Ass Vs Hit-Girl #1 – I’ve really enjoyed this new version of Kick-Ass. Hit-Girl has been rotating creative teams, and that results in a lot of hit and miss arcs. That said, I was definitely curious to see what happens when they collide. Been looking forward to this mini for a while now.
  • Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours Exxxtreme #1 – Is Death Metal over yet? This title sounds like a parody. This crossover is soooooo boring. Not even sure Lobo can make this fun. I am sure they will find some way to make it dark, brooding and depressing.
  • Hawkman #29 – Sorry to see this series go! I’ve never been a huge Hawkman fan, but this series really won be over. Glad that is lasted this long. 29 issues these days is definitely an accomplishment.
  • Penultiman #2 (Of 5)
  • Seven Secrets #4
  • Flash #765
  • Superman #27
  • Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys The Death Of Nancy Drew #6
  • Sonic The Hedgehog #34
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine Too Long A Sacrifice #4 (Of 4)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #52
  • Amazing Spider-Man #52.LR
  • Champions #2 (Of 5)
  • Excalibur #14
  • Iron Man #3
  • Magnificent Ms. Marvel #16
  • Marauders #15
  • Savage Avengers #14
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #7
  • Strange Academy #5
  • Wolverine #7

John Babos

5 books this week.

    Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours Exxxtreme #1
    Detective Comics #1030
    Hawkman #29
    Punchline Special #1
    Superman #27

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