Marvel Comics & February 2021 Solicitations Spoilers: X-Men Titles Grow With 1990’s Era In-Continuity Series?

Marvel Comics and February 2021 Solicitations Spoilers follows.

X-Men Titles Grow With New 1990’s Era In-Continuity Series? This follows the debut of the new Children of the Atom ongoing series in January 2021 (full spoilers here).

Solicitations and covers via press release below.

      Break out the yellows and blues, fire up the Danger Room and snap on your pouches as legendary X-writers return to classic eras of the mutant super heroes in all-new, in-continuity stories set during their groundbreaking runs! Featuring greats like Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Fabian Nicieza, Larry Hama, Peter David, and more, X-MEN LEGENDS will deliver startling tales month after month that dive into the rich history of the X-Men to tie up loose ends, resolve long-standing plot danglers, and reveal shocking truths that will change the past and future of the X-Men!

      Fabian Nicieza, known for his explosive work on the X-Men in their nineties heyday, kicks off the series with a special saga of Cyclops and Havok that will solve one of the greatest X-Men mysteries of all time: Adam-X and his startling connection to the Summers bloodline!

      “It’s incredibly exciting to finally tell the story of the infamous “third” Summers brother. Twenty-five years in the making, to see the truth about Adam-X revealed – and drawn so magnificently by Brett Booth – is one of the most surreal experiences of my career!” Nicieza said. “Getting the opportunity to tell this tale while kicking off the new X-Men Legends series is a x-tremely x-citing!”

      Don’t miss this revelatory tale that will leave X-Men fans speechless when X-MEN LEGENDS #1 takes the comic book industry by storm this February! And stay tuned for news about the other decades-in-the-making stories coming your way in this one-of-a-kind title.

      X-MEN LEGENDS #1

      Written by FABIAN NICIEZA

      Art and Cover by BRETT BOOTH


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