WWE Raw 11/16/20 – Drew Vs. Orton For The WWE Title

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Drew comes down and thanks the fans, his family, and friends and THE THUNDERDOME for bringing everyone closer together. Drew puts his three middle fingers up and tells Randy to read between the lines. Randy interrupts him and brags about being suspended more and spent more time at home on his couch being suspended than 80% of the boys have spent in the ring. He’s still here because he’s the best and he’s on top because he is THE GREATEST WRESTLER EVER. Miz and Morrison come down and Miz says he’ll win the title by the end of the night. Miz says Drew hurt himself by giving his foes too many title matches and then he and Morrison run away. Nia’s Samoan drop-a-thon is shown for the HEAD AND SHOULDERS tag match.

Asuka, Mandy, and Dana face Nia, Lana, and Shayna because yeah, this makes sense. This becomes a handicap match pretty quickly and Nia Samoan drops her again through the table. Team Raw argues and AJ talks about his ASSOCIATE helping get them a giant advantage. Reckoning beats up Dana backstage. At the firefly funhouse, Bray chats with his helpers about helping him prepare for tonight’s match with Miz. MVP chats up about the tag titles before New Day comes out for the match and we get a nice back and forth affair that really puts the titles in jeopardy. Hurt Business almost pulls it out, but Daybreak seals the deal for the champs. Sheamus chats with Drew and gets him a gift – a family gift in a treasure chest. He’s got a kilt and belt and Sheamus presents him with a sword.

We get an AJ highlight video for Team Raw before Retribution cuts a promo on Team Raw being selfish. The teams face off and Team Raw is their own undoing as they keep trying to one-up each other leading to Riddle getting run into Braun and Ali schoolboying Riddle for the win. Jeff Hardy takes down a few posters that Elias has put up – complete with a 555 number. Elias plays backstage and Jeff attacks him and says if Elias doesn’t stop, he’ll do worse than being accused of hitting him with a car. So that’s maybe not the way to portray a babyface. A Taker 30th video airs.

Miz cuts a goofy promo before Alexa and her fiend-ish theme come out and Bray faces Miz and Miz gets some minor offense before Sister Abigail ends it and Alexa tightrope walks on the barricade and hops onto the floor with Bray. The Fiend’s music plays and we come back to a video putting over Stephanie. Adam Pearce talks about Dana Brooke and Mandy being taken off the Team Raw match and being replaced by Peyton and Lacey. Shayna puts over she and Nia before Lacey says she and Peyton won’t be pushed around.

Drew comes out with his kilt and sword and plants it on the Thunderdome before posing. They brawl all over the place before Randy back suplexes Drew on the barricade. They fight over a table and Drew sends him off the apron hard through it – slicing Orton’s back open. Claymore is avoided and Orton powerslams him. Orton sets up the RKO, but THE CLAYMORE ENDS IT AND DREW IS NOW A TWO TIME WWE CHAMPION. This was a great one-night story for Drew – and they set up him teaming with and then facing off with Sheamus nicely down the line too.