Marvel Comics & Cable #6 Spoilers & Review: X Of Swords Chapter 19 Sees X-Men Gain On Swordbearers As One FINAL Battle Will Decide It All!

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Marvel Comics and Cable #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

X Of Swords Chapter 19 Sees…

…X-Men Gain On Swordbearers As…

…One FINAL Battle Will Decide It All!

We open with a storyline catch-up and dramatis personae page.

Mister Sinister tells the Quiet Council of Krakoa that no one is coming back alive from the X of Swords contest…

…as kid Cable enters his duel with Bei the Blood Moon and…

…loses making the tally Arakko 18 to Krakoa 6.

The next battle see an unfair fight between…

…White Sword of the Ivory Spire and Gorgon.

Gorgon must battle White Sword’s hoards…

…killing 13 of them allowing Krakoa to catch-up and surpass Arakko; score is now Arakko 18 to Krakoa 19.

The White Sword seemingly kills Gorgon to tie things up, Arakko 19 and Krakoa 19.

That leaves the final battle deciding it all.

Husband Apocalypse for Krakoa vs. wife Annihilation for Arakko.

The book ends with battle log and…

…updated checklist.

Only three more issues to go next week starting with X-Men #15 with X of Swords Chapter 20.

Excalibur #15 with X of Swords Chapter 21.

Finally, X of Swords: Destruction #1 with X of Swords Chapter 22 as the concluding tale.

The Pulse:

Another confusing issue, particularly how Saturnye scores the contests, but the ending with the teased final battle was good. Ok art. 6.5 out of 10.

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