WWE Raw 11/24/20 Recap – AJ vs. Orton

The Drew-Orton title match is recapped before Adam Pearce meets with Team Raw to tell them that they got a clean sweep and they COULD find themselves facing Drew for the title. Everyone argues about why they should get the shot and Riddle says that Sheamus may not like fireface – but firecrotch was taken. Pearce says last but not least, Braun and Braun headbutts him down. New Day bickers with the Hurt Business, who want a rematch and New Day points out THAT THEY WON. Cedric buries them for cosplaying last night and losing and…that’s enough and Shelton and Cedric get a shot. Sure why not. Shelton’s old Gold Standard nickname is back, and he gets a slick black and gold shirt to go along with it.

They get some stuff in before a brawl on the floor leads to a double countout and then the ref says that the Hurt Business won by countout and then New Day acts heelish and wants their belts back because the heels weren’t following the rules. MVP, A HEEL SOMEHOW, wants a restart because he wants a fair ending. Kofi’s leg gets worked on, but he takes out Cedric with a dive and then Woods counters a buckle bomb with a sunset bomb to win it. Lashley tells Pearce that he wouldn’t do that to him and Lashley is the only champion on Raw who won last night – so he needs to chat with him. After the break, they apparently just had their chat and then Randy chats with him after that. Pearce makes a series of three singles matches and the winners of those go onto a triple threat and the winner of that faces Drew for the title. Riddle vs. Sheamus is the first match and it’s now.

Sheamus and Riddle just beat the tar out of each other with stiff shots until Riddle goes up for a crossbody. Sheamus catches him and lands a spinning standing uranage for 2. They counter some cradles and Sheamus turns it into a cloverleaf from an odd position that winds up looking pretty cool. It gets turned into a weird cradle for the win from Riddle. Asuka tells Lana that she could go home as champion and now Lana’s happy. At the Funhouse, the Friendship Frog annoys Lexi and she smacks it to death leading to Bray saying he…croaked! Lana faces Asuka until the tag champs beat them up and we get a tag match that Asuka wins with a schoolgirl to Shayna. Boy did Lana gain a lot from last night’s sole survivor win by pure fluke.

Riddle talks to MVP about Lashley and we get some awful dialogue with Riddle hyping up Keith Lee in a weird way before talking about having great business ideas like pizza-flavored yogurt and oh sweet lord can his deal expire so he can go to AEW and not be subjected to this garbage? MVP is shockingly chill with this and says he’ll give him two weeks to put his ideas together and pitch them to him. Lashley vs. Keith Lee is pretty much a nothing match until Lee powers out of the Hurt Lock and squashes him off a sleeper attempt. MVP runs in and causes Lashley to be DQed, but Lee gets his heat back or something by discus elbowing him.

Nikki says she’ll beat the Fiend out of Alexa. Nikki Cross gets a new, fiery theme that has a pretty good sound to it. Lexi wins quickly by faking a hug and hitting Sister Abigail to win. A Taker video package airs. Orton vs. AJ is the main event and AJ eats a powerslam for 2. AJ pops out of the corner with a kick, but the forearm is met with a counter and draping DDT. The lights go out and THE FIEND’s lighting hits and he cackles at him to scare him before the lights come back on and the Phenomenal Forearm ends it. Great – so AJ, the multi-time WWE Champion, could only win by fluke. Riddle vs. AJ vs. Keith Lee is next week to determine the next WWE Title challenger.

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